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Does Max on unexpected go to jail?
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Does Max on unexpected go to jail?

Unexpected: Trying to Live a Better Life

21-year-old Max Schenzel had to stay behind bars from Sept 2020 until his recent release on January 8th, 2021. They sentenced Max to 6 months, but he had 44 credit days to go against that sentence.

Keeping this in consideration, Is Diego and Emily still together?

Unsurprisingly, he and Emily didn’t stay together. Since then, Diego has enlisted in the military. The young father joined the army in January 2020. … Diego’s father Fabian said that joining the army has been a deeply positive experience for Diego, physically and mentally.

Secondly Why did Max and Chloe break up? Unexpected: Chloe Mendoza and Max Schenzel Split Up

However, that all changed when Max started to deal with an addiction to drugs. Chloe tried to stay by his side. But, her mother made it hard for her to be with Max, and that caused a lot of issues. The Unexpected cast members are now no longer together.

What happened to Rilahs baby on unexpected?

They broke up, but they seem to be co-parenting effectively and even celebrated their daughter Malayah’s birthday when she turned one. In early 2020, she revealed that the two had joint custody of their daughter. … Anthony threatened to take Rilah to court because he felt he was not seeing their daughter enough.

Is McKayla and caelan still together?

After initially putting an end to their marriage plans, Caelan and McKayla seemed to resolve their issues and moved into their own house. … McKayla then moved back into her grandparents’ house, leaving Caelan by himself. Ultimately, the two of them broke up.

What is wrong with Tyler’s hair on unexpected?

If you’ve seen Unexpected, you definitely would have noticed the back of Tylor’s head, which has multiple bald patches. In a series of tweets, Tylor explained why he has them. Tylor said, “It was a mole that covered the entire back of my head. It was likely that it could’ve turned into cancer, so it got removed.

Who is Chloe Mendoza baby daddy?

Max (Baby Daddy)Nate (Step-Father) Her mother (First child at 18 pregnant at 17), grandmother, and aunt were all teen mothers.

Does Max go to prom with Chloe?

It looks like Max Schenzel didn’t get to go to prom. … Chloe was more upset about not going to prom than him going to rehab. She did end up going without him, though, which was a smart move. Chloe was able to get her mom to sign a guest pass for him to go, but it didn’t end up mattering anyway.

Are Matthew and Hailey 2 still together?

Thinking back to past daddy-villains of the show, there has always been another side to the young man’s coin. … Considering his terrible reputation and behavior, it’s not at all surprising that Matthew eventually broke off his relationship with Hailey 2 and denied being the father of their unborn child.

Who’s the father of Rilah’s baby?

Rilah Ferrer shared her pregnancy on TLC’s hit show with her then boyfriend Anthony Vanelli became teen parents to a baby girl. She and Anthony named their daughter Malayah Vanelli.

Are Tyra and Alex still together?

Unfortunately for fans of the couple, Alex and Tyra do eventually split up. It seemed their break up was going to transition into a co-parenting relationship rather peacefully in the beginning, but that has all gone to pot over the past month or so.

Are James and Lily still together unexpected?

Despite him giving Lilly a promise ring, the couple broke up. Lilly’s mother warned her not to put his last name on their daughter’s birth certificate because she did not think he would stick around. Unfortunately, she was right.

What happened to Kayla from unexpected?

According to McKayla’s Instagram, she’s now engaged to her boyfriend Ethan, who proposed to the former TLC reality star shortly after the couple’s one-year anniversary in April. In an Instagram post, McKayla thanked her partner for his patience and empathy throughout their brief but meaningful relationship.

What is wrong with Lily’s mom’s face on unexpected?

She has a port wine stain birthmark, all over her body, which she wears makeup to hide due to being self conscious of it. She has had several laser surgeries to reduce it.

Is James the father of Lily’s baby?

Unexpected season 1 star James Kennedy shares a daughter with ex-girlfriend Lilly Bennett. He was overwhelmed by the pressures of teen parenthood. James Kennedy from Unexpected discovered that being a dad is not easy. He became a father when he was just a teenager.

Why was Reanna kicked off unexpected?

The NETWORK cancelled our segment of filming for the “Tell All” the day before we were supposed to film. THAT’S WHY WE WEREN’T AT THE “TELL ALL”….. The NETWORK decided to stop airing Reanna and Taron’s story as well, after the conversation with the producer. Hence the reason for the month hiatus.

Is Nate Chloe’s dad?

While Max seems to be dedicated to Chloe and Ava, Nate (Chloe’s step-dad), is concerned about Max’s ability to handle life with a new baby and doesn’t believe he’s as mature as he seems. … That said, it appears that he is serious about building a strong familial bond with Chloe and their baby daughter.

Does Max still see Ava?

He said that it was horrible that Chloe Mendoza kept his daughter away from him. After Max went to jail for his crimes, some fans of Unexpected said it is better for Ava not to get involved with that. … Now that Max is out of jail again, he still doesn’t get to see Ava, but it doesn’t seem like he thinks it is fair.

Who went to prom with Khloe Kardashian?

At the age of 34, Khloé Kardashian finally attended her first high school prom, thanks to an invite from a fan. The reality star accompanied a student named Narbeh to his dance at Hoover High School in Glendale, California, on Saturday.

Who went to prom with Chloe?

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s date posted several photos and videos of their night out. Friday was prom night for Khloe Kardashian! The 34-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star accompanied a superfan named Narbeh to his prom at Hoover High School in Glendale, California.

Are Hailey 1 and Hailey 2 friends?

Unexpected stars Hailey Tomlinson (#1) and Hailey Tilford (#2) recently had a sibling reunion. Before becoming mothers, the two were best friends. But, that quickly changed all because of Matthew Blevins. He left one for the other and had a child with both.

What happened to Lexus on unexpected?

Since season one ended, Lexus has been settling into life as a mom and taking care of her little girl, Scarlett. After the show, she and Shayden split up. Shayden accused Lexus of cheating on him with his best friend. Ultimately, they were too young to handle the pressures of being teen parents and they broke up.

Is Rilah’s mom a nurse?

Starcasm dug around and discovered mom Rosa had quite a successful singing career. According to their report, Rosa’s known as “Rochelle,’ a child singer. … These days, she’s “a nurse at an OBGYN office.” However, she still “moonlights” as a singer.

Is Anthony the father in unexpected?

Unexpected dad Anthony Vanelli arrested for shooting his former stepdad’s house. Within days of Unexpected dad Max Schenzel getting out of jail, his former co-star dad Anthony Vanelli was going in.

What does Rilah mean?

According to 3 people from all over the world, the name Rilah is of English origin and means “Energy”.

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