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What happened to Emily Burris?
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What happened to Emily Burris?

Emily Burris is an American journalist currently working at KOIN 6 News, a CBS affiliate station in Portland, Oregon, as an anchor, host, and reporter.

Keeping this in consideration, Where is Jennifer Hoff now?

Jenniffer joined KOIN 6 in July 2014 and currently serves as a female lead evening anchor at KOIN TV, a top 25 television station and CBS affiliate in Portland, Oregon. She also hosts a television series ” Women Crush Wednesday” which empowers local women and girls in the community.

Secondly Why did Jennifer Hoff leave? As she wrote in a social media direct message, “The station and I mutually agreed it’s time to part ways so I can pursue other opportunities in the future. I admire their commitment and hard work, which is needed now more than ever.”

How old is Kelly Bayern?

Kelley Bayern Age

She was born in Seattle, Washington D.C., United States. Kelley has not shared her exact age but looking at her appearance, she is in her sweet 30s, probably 31 years old.

Who is AJ McCord?

Aj McCord is an American journalist, anchor, and reporter. She currently works for the Koin6 channel ( CBS affiliate) based in Portland, Oregon. Her role there is to serve as a sports reporter, anchor, host as well as a Content Creator. AJ has covered it all From the gridiron to the slopes.

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