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Why did everything look black to Evelyn?
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Why did everything look black to Evelyn?

Answer : In the chapter ‘The Sound of Music Part I,’ Evelyn Glennie says “Everything suddenly looked black” when it was discovered by a specialist that her hearing was severely impaired as a result of gradual nerve damage.

Keeping this in consideration, How does Evelyn Glennie inspire?

Evelyn Glennie is a world renowned percussionist. – She has been profoundly deaf since the age of twelve. – She has taught herself to play instruments, not by listening to them, but by feeling their vibrations through her feet and body. – She feels the quality of a note by the reverberations she feels through her body.

Secondly Where did Evelyn feel everything so dark in life? When did Evelyn feel everything so dark in life 1 When she advised to go to a deaf school. 2 When she was advised to use hearing aids and go to the deaf school. 3 when she perform poorly at the examination. 4 when she failed in her music audition

What did Evelyn confess?

Evelyn confesses that she is something of a workaholic. Being a workaholic would help her to spread her knowledge to young musicians can give free concerts to prisons and hospitals and do many more things.

When did Evelyn feel everything so dark life?

Answer: When Evelyn was advised to use hearing aids and join the school for the deaf, she felt that her future was bleak and dark. She was depressed, as all hope for great achievements seemed to have vanished. She had now become a disabled child who could not have easy access to normal life. 8.

Who did Evelyn give a big inspiration?

11. Who did Evelyn give a big inspiration too? Ans. She gave a big inspiration to the handicapped people.

What are Evelyn’s personality traits?

Evelyn’s firm determination, her industrious nature and her clarity of aim are well revealed in her statement. These values of her character have enabled her to overcome her handicap of deafness very bravely.

What proves Evelyn statement that she is a workaholic?

the part where she says “I’ve just got to work . . . often harder than classical musicians. But the rewards are enormous.” proves that she is a workaholic.

How does Evelyn explain she is workaholic?

Explanation: As said by Evelyn she is something of a workaholic because she has just got to work and even the rewards are enormous. She loves her work and apart from regular concerts,she also gives free concerts in prisons and hospitals. She gives high priority to class for young musicians.

Why does Evelyn say that she is a workaholic?

Answer: Evelyn ,despite being deaf feels and plays music through her body parts. She became a workaholic as she was determined in her work . She scored one of the highest marks in the history of royal academy of music.

How did Evelyn open her mind?

evelyn opened her mind and body to musical instruments by listen music by heart not by ears. she did it because bismillah khan tild her feel music don’t listen it.

How did Ron Forbes help Evelyn?

Explanation: Ron Forbes helped Evelyn to continue with her musin. He tuned two large drums of two different notes and asked her not to listen to music through her eard, but feel it some other way. Evelyn realised she could feel the drum with higher note from her waist up and the lower drum through her waist below.

When and how was Evelyn hearing problem noticed?

Answer : Evelyn’s loss of hearing was a gradual process which was first noticed by her mother when she was eight years old. Although she managed to conceal it from her friends and teachers for a while, by the time she was eleven, her marks had deteriorated and her parents were compelled to visit a specialist.

How do Evelyn audience feel?

Answer: Evelyn was a girl who was deaf at her early stage of life but she never give up as she felt music through vibrations through her body parts. When she performed, she was appreciated by each and every person as audience which brought Evelyn a very famous and popular girl.

At what age her deafness noticed first?

When was her deafness first noticed? When was it confirmed? Answer: Her deafness was noticed when she was eight-year-old. It was confirmed by the time she was eleven.

What does master percussionist James Blades say about Evelyn?

Answer : In the chapter ‘The Sound of Music, Part I’ Master percussionist James Blades says about Evelyn’s music “God may have taken her hearing but he has given her back something extraordinary. What we hear, she feels – far more deeply than any of us. That is why she expresses music so beautifully.

How did Evelyn hear music?

How did Evelyn hear music despite being deaf ? Answer: Evelyn could sense music through her body. While playing on the xylophone, she could sense music through her fingertips and would learn against drums to sense. On the wooden floors, she used to remove her shoes and sense music through her feet moving of the legs.

Why did Evelyn Glennie face a big challenge?

Answer: She faced a ‘bigger challenge’ than most as she was profoundly deaf and was yet joining a music academy. Evelyn Glennie’s loss of hearing had been gradual. Her mother remembers noticing something was wrong when the eight-year-old Evelyn was waiting to play the piano.

How did Evelyn keep herself busy?

Talking about reading and other hobbies, Evelyn Sharma revealed that she enjoys reading as it keeps the brain busy and active. She revealed that she is currently reading Make Today Count by John C Maxwell. Sharma also revealed that she recently joined TikTok and thinks that it is a great way to stay entertained.

What does Evelyn give high priority to?

Answer: Evelyn priority was her music . Her life started with music and she achieved many awards in her carrier. She gave a message to the handicapped person.

How did Evelyn overcome her problems?

Answer: Evelyn deafness has not effect her carrior. To overcome her hearing problems she develop her body like how to hear with other parts of the body. She overcome her disabilities and face every difficulty without hesitation.

Who does Evelyn perform for free?

Evelyn, with a hectic international schedule, gives solo performances at regular concerts. Apart from these, she gives free concerts in prisons and hospitals. She also accords high priority to classes for young musicians.

Why did Evelyn work harder than classical musicians?

1) Evelyn how to work harder than the classical musicians because she was physically challenged. … but she never lose her heart and mind she wanted to be a good musician and she is succeeded in it. 2) She was talking about the rewards that he get as smiles of the people who were encouraged by her music.

What helped Evelyn reach the zenith of success?

Ustad Bismillah Khan contributed in Shehnai to take this instrument to the classical stage. It was Ustad Bismillah Khan’s hard-work only, that helped him to reach the zenith of his success.

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