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10 fabulous ideas to decorate your secular ceremony venue
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▷ 🥇 10 fabulous ideas to decorate your secular ceremony venue

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Now that you have decided on the date and place of your big event, you can send the wedding invitations to all of your loved ones. A perfectly cut wedding dress and a wedding dress in line with your style will be your faithful companions so that this day looks like no other.

Anyone who wants to live a unique moment may have opted for the secular ceremony, a celebration that allows you to personalize all the stages of your union so that it only looks like you.

One of the great advantages of the secular ceremony is also being able to decorate the premises to your liking without limits. Here are some examples of accessories to adopt.

1. A welcome panel

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How to receive your loved ones from the beginning? With a welcome panel, of course! On a wooden board, write the words “welcome,” “thank you for being there,” your initials, your names, and / or your wedding date, as well as an arrow pointing in the direction of your secular ceremony site.

Depending on your wedding theme, feel free to personalize this accessory with colors or objects that reflect the style of your event.

2. A ribbon

Sarah Stefani

Hang a ribbon between the last two seats in the central aisle to close the access to this aisle, which the bride will climb up to her partner in a few hours.

This ribbon will be both an additional decorative element that can be adorned with tassels or small colored ropes and a good way to prevent your guests from walking on your decoration if you have personalized the floor of the central hall!

3. Flowers

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It is difficult to do without wedding flower arrangements, this natural and romantic decoration par excellence! The backs of your guests’ chairs are ideal places to hang some field flower bouquets. A floral decoration is even more useful if you are married in a room because it will add life and freshness to your decoration.

4. The program

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Your secular ceremony will undoubtedly be punctuated by readings, songs, love texts and other rituals that will make it an increasingly special moment. To get your loved ones involved in these different stages, there is nothing like a brochure that tells them how the celebration will unfold.

These programs are also the opportunity to complete your decoration by choosing a beautiful paper, a typeface reminiscent of your wedding invitations and, of course, colors that match the atmosphere of your reception.

5. Decoration accessories in the hallway

Jen’s Workshop

Surround the center aisle with some decorative items such as large candles in clear vases or colored lanterns.

We also think of crepe paper balls, pennants, small bushes or wrought iron feet that hold candle holders.

6. A carpet of petals

Les Beaux Instants

You who love bouquets of roses more than anything else probably won’t resist the temptation to spread petals all over the center aisle. If you don’t prefer flowers, roll out a red carpet or any other color of your choice.

DIY enthusiasts will be able to personalize a canvas the size of the center aisle with texts and photos portraying the bride and groom’s journey from their meeting to the open house.

7. A ceremony arch

Sellyn’s Workshop

There is nothing like joining under a ceremony arch. Composed of a rigid structure of wood or any other material and decoration, it gives an additional poetic character to their union. Bouquets of flowers, foliage, veils, colored ribbons, lace, it is up to you to choose the elements that best represent you.

8. The bride and groom’s chairs


Provide two different chairs from the audience to clearly distinguish the location of the bride and groom. For example, they can be elegant wicker armchairs, ideal for a rustic wedding decoration.

Beyond the seat, the back of your seats can be personalized with panels “Madame” and “Monsieur” or “Mariée” and “Marié”.

9. A beautiful altar

Christine Bergerac

A table will be useful for your officiant to deposit his papers there and could also be the site of one or more rituals. There is no way we will forget to decorate this element of the ceremony.

If you appreciate the aesthetics of your table in its natural state, add some discreet accessories, a hanging string of lights for a ceremony at the end of the day or old books for a retro wedding.

10. A gift corner

Carine Sarrailh

You want your loved ones to go home with an original wedding gift. Since you are proud of your find, you can highlight it by setting up a small gift stand in one corner of your ceremony space. This will allow your early arrivals to wait and personalize your venue a bit more.

Wedding decor is an essential element to personalize your big day. So that the decoration of your wedding banquet is in accordance with the event, do not hesitate to read our recommendations for the decoration of the wedding tables!

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