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10 musical ideas for the entrance to the reception
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▷ 🥇 10 musical ideas for the entrance to the reception room

So that everything is perfect to receive your guests, you focus on the wedding decoration and all the small details that make the event an original and unique wedding. For the evening of D-Day, you will tend to focus on choosing the correct song for an original wedding opening. Indeed, it is more and more frequent that the bride and groom wish to perform a choreography on this occasion, and therefore have to prepare everything to the millimeter to ensure the show!

However, know that the light will be on on your partner throughout the night, and especially when you enter the reception area that will host your banquet and all your guests.

Because the bride and groom do not enter through the back door, know to choose music that will make your guests jump and dance or immediately fill your reception area with beautiful emotion.

Here are some suggestions based on your personality, your tastes or the theme of your wedding.

1. They are discreet boyfriends

You don’t particularly like to show up or do too much, you want to calmly walk in and settle next to your loved ones without putting the focus on you.

  • Yann Tiersen – Another Summer Rhyme

2. They are romantic married couples

Your marriage is about love, poetry. You like warm and romantic environments. You want to present your beautiful love story at any time.

  • Francis Cabrel – I love him to death

3. You like electric atmospheres

Tonight will be a celebration like never before. Club and electronic music enthusiasts are decidedly modern and try to impose their musical tastes and a radically modern vibe.

  • LA Priest – Learning to love

4. They are a festive couple

You like to be around your friends, organize big dinners, parties at home and outdoors and you are always looking for wedding game ideas to share happy moments with your loved ones. You love to dance and are eager to set the night on fire.

  • Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno mars

OK Photo

5. You are rock’n ‘roll

You are a dynamic, lively couple, sometimes even excessive. Marriage is for you the opportunity to reunite your family and have fun, to spend an excessive afternoon and out of time when you celebrate it without counting.

  • Phone – This (is it really you)

6. You want a bit of humor

You like to have fun around the idea of ​​wedding entertainment of all kinds, laugh, de-dramatize the moment of entering the reception room. You don’t take yourself seriously and it won’t start today!

  • One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful (or other boys band – girls band of your choice!)

Lea Pons

7. You have chosen a movie wedding theme

They are both movie fans and they wanted an original wedding theme for their big day, they never miss the latest productions from their favorite directors, they want to focus on their passion and offer a movie soundtrack to their guests.

  • Excerpt from the Saturday night soundtrack of La Fièvre – You Should Be Dancing

8. You want a glamorous environment

You are urban, modern, you like the bustle of the city and all the possibilities it offers. You live with your time. Together they feel indestructible and ready to face anything!

  • Alicia Keys and Jay Z – Empire State of Mind

Sébastien Ben Duc Kieng

9. You have opted for a retro wedding

You like vintage atmospheres, you like to surround yourself with old objects and accessories, you are nostalgic with the past times, dreamy, romantic, eccentric.

  • Étienne Daho – Weekend in Rome

10. He likes to travel

You marry the theme of travel, escape. You like adventure, change of scenery, foreign languages ​​and accents from other places. With your head in the clouds, you dream of all the destinations that you have yet to discover as a couple.

  • Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan Chan Chan

After the emotional moments of the ceremony and wedding speeches, announce the start of the festivities with a song that suits you. Follow up with a playlist announcing each highlight of the night, like wedding games or the arrival of the cake, to get your guests ready and make sure they don’t miss a thing.

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