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11 Classic Engagement Rings That Exude Elegance
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▷ 🥇 11 Classic Engagement Rings That Exude Elegance

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While engagement ring trends can be fun to watch in passing, it’s completely normal to want a ring that is more traditional and timeless when it comes time to rock your own sparkler. From minimalist solitaire designs to elegant oval cut diamonds, these classic engagement rings will never go out of style. After all, when you are going to wear a piece of jewelry every day for the rest of your life, you want to know that it is something that you will still love in 20, 30, or even 50 years!

Here are 11 classic engagement rings that add a touch of seriousness and elegance.

Photograph of Bolin de Cristal

Round solitaire with yellow gold band

We love the return of yellow gold wedding jewelry! In fact, this warm shade is on our 2021 engagement ring trend prediction list. A round solitaire diamond paired with a yellow gold band is one of the most timeless options when it comes to classic engagement rings. For the most current look, choose a gold that is between pink and tan with a brushed finish to make it appear slightly matte.

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Round solitaire with silver band

Alternatively, if you’re just not on board with yellow gold – or don’t find it a flattering metal for your skin tone – a solitaire diamond looks just as chic when paired with a white gold or platinum band. This option is perfect for brides who want a ring that is responsive, durable, and overall low-maintenance.

Always in Love Weddings

Round solitaire with Pavé band

Looking for something even more delicate? Consider a round solitaire stone with an infinite band of pavé or micropavé. This is another style that can’t go wrong when it comes to classic engagement rings, and it’s especially charming for those with slender fingers or small hands.

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Round Solitaire With Tapered Baguettes

A rounded stone flanked by two baguettes is an elegant choice for the bride who prefers an embellished band, but does not want to do the pavé to the fullest.

Photograph of Aaron and Jillian

Set of round solitaires in rose gold

Elegance meets modernity in the form of a solitaire diamond set in rose gold. A round cut stone and channel band are timeless details, while the rose gold metal adds a trendy touch to the engagement ring – think “updated classic” from brands like Kate Spade, Draper James and J. Crew!

Nicole Mera LLC

Round Cut With Round Halo Pavé

A pavé band definitely adds an extra touch of elegance to your ring, but if you are looking for a more energetic style, the next option is a halo setting. Halos are some of the most popular details for classic engagement rings and will put your rock front and center. Now the only thing left to decide is: A halo …

Photograph by Aubrey Lynn

Round cut with double round halo

… Or two? Take your classic engagement ring to the next level with not one, but two halos! A double halo creates the illusion that the center diamond is larger than it actually is, while ensuring a lot of of brightness. Since the overall shape is traditional, the ring remains elegant, not flashy.

Photograph by Priscilla Thomas

Round Cut With Halo Cushion

Make the center stone of your ring stand out by lifting it slightly and surrounding it with a differently shaped halo, like this round cut diamond and a cushion halo.

Ken and Dana Design

Oval cut with oval halo

While circular stones are the most popular shape for classic engagement rings, there are plenty of alternatives for classic brides who want to branch out a bit. Oval cuts have become a favorite with brides who want an elegant but slightly non-traditional design. This shape looks amazing with or without halo, and is favored by stylish celebrities like Blake Lively, Julianne Hough, Hailey Baldwin, LeAnn Rimes, and Whitney Port.

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Princess cut solitaire

Square shapes like princess and asscher cuts are some of our other favorite styles for classic engagement rings. A solitaire princess cut ring has a luxurious and timeless look that evokes Old World elegance.

Photography Dola

Sapphire with Diamond Halo

Brides who love Kate Middleton’s sophisticated style will agree that her oval cut engagement ring is one for all ages (it belonged to Princess Diana, after all!). Get inspired by the future Queen of England and rock a sapphire engagement ring for a classic yet striking look.

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