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12 Totally Surprising Ways to Surprise Your Wedding Guests
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▷ 🥇 12 (Totally Surprising) Ways to Surprise Your Wedding Guests

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No matter how you plan it, your wedding day will be absolutely magical. But if you want to break the norm and surprise your guests, you may want to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

From dessert to a boom lift, these 12 wedding surprises will wow your family and friends and give them something to talk about for years to come.

A wardrobe change

Of course you’ve spent a lot of time looking for the dress, but what if you really fall in love with two? Consider a costume change in the middle of the party, either after the ceremony or after the first dance. Go the extra mile and get your new spouse involved, too! When it comes to your dress, consider a convertible dress with a skirt that peels off to reveal a shorter ensemble, or switch to a new dress and some comfortable wedge sneakers built for dancing. For guys, swap out the suit and tie for a fun jacket.

Break a move

Do you want your wedding to go viral? There is no safer way than a good choreographed number. And the planned number doesn’t have to be during your first dance, either. Put on a show with one of your parents, your bridal party, or even organize a flash mob with a small group of friends.

Inventive Escort Cards

Place cards can tell guests where to sit, but they are often the most overlooked piece of the wedding puzzle. No more! Turn your companion cards into keepsake makers with clever takes from the champagne flutes with labeled shakers to the succulent flower pots used as wedding favors.

The new photo booth

Why stop the action with a still photo when you can keep the party going with a GIF generator? This new take on the photo booth will capture short videos of all your guests and make an impressive compilation of videos that you can savor and laugh at for years to come. Design a cool background and offer some accessories to inspire your guests for their 3 seconds of fame.

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Shake Up Dessert

Do you like sweets? Think beyond adding tiers to your wedding cake. Surprise your guests with ingenious desserts. Do you like donuts? Create a wall of them by hanging your favorite “peg” flavors on a beautifully decorated wall. Guests can grab when they need their sugar fix. Do you love ice cream? Turn one of your cocktail bars into a smoothie bar, with spicy drink options! Still looking for that sugar rush? Consider a cotton candy maker, spinning the good fluffy things in your wedding colors.

An advertisement for R&R

Although we are sure that it is difficult to get off the dance floor, sometimes guests need to rest. Create a beautiful room for them to take a break, including comfortable seating, a basket full of flip-flops that they can change into their heels, and some flavored water. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, consider camping in the space as a “campground” near the party, and fill it with cushions and fairy lights to create a mood.

Raise the bar

Along with your typical cocktail bar, offer a few other stations where guests can show their own creativity. Go bubbling with a champagne bar where guests can mix their own flavors – belinis and mimosas may be popular – or add a rock candy shaker, for example. You can also organize a candy buffet with your favorite sweets, or a cold-yo station for ice cream lovers. Do you really want them to be creative? Turn dinner into the ultimate buffet with macaroni and cheese, nachos, or mashed potatoes, loaded with all the ingredients.

Late Night Snacks

All the dances may have your guests needing to refuel, but don’t make them go too far. Use a push cart to deliver snacks (sliders, mini chickens and waffles, soft pretzel sticks) on the dance floor. They will love to eat something and keep up!

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How to organize a presentation

The bubble and sparkler emissions are lovely, but if you really want to wow your guests – and have the money and venue ready to do it – think about a fireworks show. Host the show by asking all of your guests to join you for a group photo outside. They will never expect it when those first sparks hit the night sky. Not only will they be mesmerized, but you will have the perfect opportunity for a photo kiss.

Going all night long

Your meeting place may have a time limit, but that doesn’t mean the party has to end. Instead of having guests show up at the hotel bar or nearby watering hole, host a designated and planned after-party party. That includes some decorations (tip: bring the reception flowers to the new party space!), Pass out the snacks, and cover the tongue of the bar. Your guests will love continuing the celebration and not having to worry about a thing.

Put a filter on it

Unless you have a disconnected affair, your guests are going to be Snapchatting and Instagramming everything you’ve planned for so long. Hashtags are pretty, but they really impress with a custom filter just for your big day. Tie it to your theme, colors, and of course include the date!

The best bait and change

Do you want to surprise your guests? Pretend you’re not having a wedding. Avoid the buildup and run of the biggest hoax by inviting your loved ones to an engagement party. Upon your arrival, distribute surprise programs so they know that they have come to see you say “I really do!” It’s a great way for guests to come relaxed and keep a little pressure while you plan, just make sure you let your parents – and anyone you love at a wedding party – know beforehand.

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