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15 French songs to tell a love story
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▷ 🥇 15 French songs to tell a love story


You want as many of your loved ones to be there on D-Day as possible and so you have sent out a large number of wedding invitations. You can already imagine yourself finding your friends in their beautiful evening dresses, your friends in their ball gowns, a beautiful moment of emotion in perspective! To convince as many people as possible to come, you have put everything into creative and elegant invitations. But once your guests are here, how can they deliver on their invitation promises?

Beyond the food or the decoration of the wedding room, music is one of the essential elements of any successful night. A wedding is a day that promises to be romantic and songs about love stories should not be missing from your playlist so as not to disappoint your loved ones who are waiting for beautiful declarations.

Did you hesitate to borrow a love quote from a famous author for your wedding cards? Have you filled your reception hall with bouquets of roses? Keep up the good work and add these love songs to your big day playlist. Guaranteed success!

  • 1. Axelle Red – Because it’s you
  • 2. Albin de la Simone – A woman
  • 3. Ben Mazué – 10 years of us
  • 4. Michel Fugain – A beautiful story
  • 5. Yves Jamait – In two words
  • 6. Volo – You know
  • 7. Yelle – What does she want
  • 8. Benoît Dorémus – Sleep against the light
  • 9. Nino Ferrer or Pauline Croze – La Rua Madureira
  • 10. Romain Humeau – Love

Piano and Acoustic Pleasures

  • 11. Rafael – This love
  • 12. Natasha St-Pier – You will find
  • 13. Véronique Sanson – In Love
  • 14. Julien Doré – Sublime and Silence
  • 15. Brigitte – In the mouth what do you want

Betting on a 100% French playlist will allow you to stand out and offer your guests an original wedding that they will not soon forget. To accentuate this made in France atmosphere, choose a wedding theme that highlights the specificities and specialties of your region!

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