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▷ 🥇 15 rules to lose weight without slipping

We all want to be at our best for the summer, however, we often do it at the last minute, at the risk of opting for so-called miracle diets that are dangerous to health, they promise great weight loss in a short period of time and can generate deficiencies, not to mention the yo-yo effect they induce.

To lose weight permanently, it is necessary to follow a varied and balanced diet and exercise. Here is a list of the most important rules for losing weight without harming your health:

  • 1. There are no forbidden foods. Don’t exclude any food group (protein, starch, and fat) from your diet and focus on balance and moderation.
  • 2. The goal of any diet is to provide the body with fewer calories than it expends. A nutritionist can determine the number of calories your body needs each day to design a proper diet.
  • 3. Sport is essential to lose weight: cardiovascular exercises such as running and cycling are the most effective ways to burn fat.
  • 4. Avoid empty calories in foods such as industrial cakes, sodas, and alcohol, which have no nutritional value.
  • 5. There is no reason to be hungry: The important thing when it comes to losing weight is not the amount of food you eat, but the quality. Eat low calorie foods to your satisfaction.
  • 6. You need to be able to stay on your diet for a long time if you want to not only lose weight, but also maintain your figure in the future. Diet is not a temporary change in diet, but rather a change in eating habits.
  • 7. Be careful with beverages: they are also a major source of calories. Limit your intake of fruit juices, sodas, alcohol, and other sweet beverages.
  • 8. But don’t give up on your social life: all restaurants offer salads, lean fish, and vegetable dishes. Ask for the seasoning to be served separately, choose a fruit for dessert, and limit the bread.
  • 9. You can eat outside of meals. Some people need to eat frequently, if you do, listen to yourself and have a snack in the morning.
  • 10. Make up your contributions. If you ate a lot for lunch, for example, eat a light meal so that this difference does not affect the total number of calories consumed.
  • 11. Don’t skip meals, it will only give you a fierce appetite at the next meal, and you will tend to eat twice as much.
  • 12. Consistency is the secret to success. To achieve the expected results, you have to be persistent over time.
  • 13. It is not good to be in a hurry. The best way is to shed the pounds that are too small, letting your body adapt so that the weight loss is stable and long-lasting.
  • 14. Learn to recognize hunger. We tend to eat out of anxiety, or boredom, to compensate for worries … avoid transferring frustrations and problems to food, and eat only when your body needs it.
  • 15. Eating is a pleasure. A healthy diet does not mean giving up taste. Enjoy culinary experiences, mix flavors, create new dishes and take your time to try them, you will be amazed!

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