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17 photos of children to take at your wedding
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▷ 🥇 17 photos of children to take at your wedding

Photograph by Marly Meghelli

Here are some ideas for photos of the children at your wedding, either yours or your guests.

Two-handed holding

  • At the ceremony site

The sons of honor greet the bride upon arrival at the ceremony site and the town hall.

Guillaume Estève Photography Manon Piovesan – Photography

A child who precedes the bride and groom in the aisle that leads to the altar, under the tender gaze of the guests.

The attentive children sitting on the church pews.

Vincent Van Loyen

The bride and groom happily carry their children in their arms.

Vincent Van Loyen

The bride kissing a baby.

A boy kissing the bride.

Art Wedding – Farid Makhlouf

The bride sharing a moment of complicity with the girls.

Jouanneaux Photography

The groom who carries his son in his arms.

Vincent Van Loyen

A small group of children playing together, without realizing it.

Children pretending to drive the bride and groom’s car.

Jouanneaux Photography Guillaume Estève Photography

A child playing with a toy that has been given to him: a bubble machine, for example.

Vincent Van Loyen

A baby alone and smiling in the grass for an outdoor wedding.

Close-up portrait of a child, in color or black and white.

Patrice dorizon

A child during his or the bride and groom’s dressing session.

Patrice dorizon Guillaume Estève Photography

A child on the lap of his mother or father.

Guillaume Estève Photography

A relaxed family photo with the children.

… So many great photos to integrate into your wedding photo album and offer to your guests!

If you also have ideas for children’s wedding photos, do not hesitate to share them with us.

Two-handed holding

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