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▷ 🥇 20 unisex gifts for wedding guests

You have sent a large number of wedding invitations. You cannot imagine your union without all the people around you who are dear to you. To thank you for your visit and support, they have reserved a beautiful reception area that they intend to decorate with a personalized wedding decoration. To break the ice between your loved ones, you also have some entertaining wedding games in mind.

But that is not enough! You who want more and more want to offer your loved ones a small gift that they will take home to remember your event for a long time.

Because you have written so many wedding invitations, it is best to go for unisex gifts, accessories that can be purchased in bulk and that will save you from having to end up with a gift at the last minute, more or less on each side. Here are some suggestions.

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Complete your wardrobe

A first idea of ​​a unisex gift can refer to clothing. Have fun offering your loved ones accessories that are both aesthetic and useful on your wedding day. For example, flip flops to soothe the feet of your guests, often encased in shoes that are often too new, or sunglasses to protect them from UV rays.

For a summer wedding, sunglasses and straw hats will complete the decor of your country wedding. In winter, a beautiful scarf will comfort the coldest. A nice bracelet in line with the colors of your wedding or wedding theme will allow all your friends to show the tones of your event.

Gifts for those with a sweet tooth

Do you want to be sure to please your guests? Then bet on a gift to taste! We are always delighted to receive a small candy or other quality food product for your daily use. Think about the original wedding details choosing them in your wedding colors, candies in pastel or bright tones, a delicious olive oil, homemade jam, organic honey, etc.

Discover the specialties of the region in which you celebrate your union and introduce your loved ones to the rich local dishes. Choose foods that are easy to store, like cookies or a delicious herbal tea.

A small decorative object

There is nothing like making your guests think more of you than offering them an object that they can place in plain sight in one of the rooms of your house.

Candle or chandelier for romantic lighting at night, greasy plant or cactus to bring a little green to your interior, in the same idea a beautiful flower pot painted and personalized with the date of your wedding, a nice wooden box, you choose a decorative object that speaks to you and in relation to your original wedding theme.

A really useful accessory

Admittedly, many small gifts offered at a wedding reception end up in the entrance ashtray or in the back of a closet! To prevent loved ones from giving your gift the same fate, choose a care that combines utility with pleasure, an aesthetic accessory with true practical utility.

This is the case, for example, of a keychain, a pretty matchbox in your wedding colors, a personalized mug that can be turned into dental glass, a soap or bath salts to make the bathroom even more pleasant, seeds for planting, a homemade lip balm, etc.

And the gift of your spouse, have you thought about it? Feel free to surprise each other during the reception, for example by secretly writing a wedding speech for your half. A text of love read by you will be the sweetest of gifts.

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