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20 Wedding Buzzwords Defined
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▷ 🥇 20 Wedding Buzzwords – Defined!

Photo: Dreamlove Wedding Photography

Wedding planning may seem like a new frontier, but who knew there would be so many new words to learn? From craspedia to bunting, from votives to pomanders, you will probably see these buzzwords appear in vendor meetings or on blogs, but you don’t need to open the dictionary.

Photo: Abbey Lunt Photography


Ombré is when a color gradually fades from dark to light – an almost white pink to the deepest fuchsia, for example. You’ll often see this technique on paper items, but it’s also popular on flowers – even on the tiers of a cake!

Photo: Chelsea Elizabeth Photography


A modern zigzag design that is popular in invitations and stationery with a contemporary flair.

Photo: Jason Hales Photography

Art deco

A design style that was popular in the 1920s. Think geometric patterns and a glamorous feel, Great gatsby -inspired.

Photo: April Renee Photography


Chargers are large plates that go under dinner plates – they’re there more for decoration than function and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Photo: Natural Intuition Photography


A banner of flags usually made of cloth or paper. The bunting is generally used to decorate more informal and rustic weddings. We have seen them hanging from the ceiling, decorating tables or chairs, even made in miniature for a cake topper!

Photo: Bernadette Pollard

Escort Cards

Chaperone cards are used to display guests’ table assignments. Many people use companion cards and place them interchangeably, but this is not correct. The companion cards show the table assignments, while the position cards are shown on the actual table to provide a specific seating assignment.

Photo: Pure Sugar Studios


Also known as “male balls,” craspedia are a round yellow flower often used in modern wedding flower arrangements.

Photo: Images from Study A

Brides table

A private table for two for the newlyweds

Photo: Carrie Wildes Photography

Mercury Glass

Silver coated glass. You will often see mercury glass in flower arrangement containers or candle holders.

Photo: Chelsea Elizabeth Photography


Mexican paper cut art, usually presented in the form of banners or flags. These look perfect at casual beach or destination weddings.

Photo: Clint Bargen Photography


A gobo is similar to a template that is placed over a light, allowing you to project designs. We often see custom gobos projecting the couple’s monogram or names onto a wall or dance floor.

Photo: Christa Elyce Photographer


A ball of flowers or greenery. These can be used as decoration (we’ve often seen them as hallway markers) or as personal flowers (particularly for flower girls to hold in place of a basket).

Photo: Samantha Bonpensiero Photography


A small candle, usually displayed in a small decorative container. They also work well floating in water.

Photo: Airen Miller Photography


The oldest printing technique in which a print shop uses embossed metal blocks to print text and designs on paper. It is slower (and often more expensive) than other printing methods.

Photo: Matte Wood Photography

Chiavari chairs

A high-end chair with a simple but classic and elegant design. They are often shown in white, gold or silver, but they are also available in other colors.

Photo: Cuppa Photography

Cascading bouquet

As the name describes it, a cascading bouquet is a flower arrangement in which flowers or greenery cascade down the front of the bouquet. The photo here is a good example, but you can also imagine the famous Princess Diana arrangement.

Photo: The Big Affair


A decorative strand or wreath or greenery or even paper. Garlands are used to decorate ceilings, chairs, tables, stairs, and more!

Photo: Laura Segall Photography


A hardy plant that brings a modern touch to flower arrangements.

Photo: Alea Lovely NYC Fine Art Wedding Photography

Naked cakes

A frost-free wedding cake seen at rustic weddings.

Photo: The Big Affair


A bright orange-pink color that is popular in wedding color schemes.

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