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2014 Collection Point Wedding Evening Dresses
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▷ 🥇 2014 Collection Point Wedding Evening Dresses

Here’s an overview of the Point Mariage evening dresses from the 2014 collection:

  • Glamorous short dresses

There are two types of short dresses: a series of trapezoidal cuts below the knee, and another, cuts closer to the body and slightly shorter.

Whatever their length, these models are elegant and light to wear, especially for a summer wedding.

  • Long and elegant dresses

The long models are designed in shiny materials such as taffeta, which offers a nice fall with draped effects, in mostly flared cuts, but also mermaids. In strapless or with straps, its necklines will enhance your bust with elegance.

The Point Mariage evening wear collection is available in a mix of warm colors, such as raspberry red, fuchsia, pale pink, and chocolate brown, and in cool colors, such as light blue or dark blue. Some iridescent fabrics offer an interesting set of reflections.

If you prefer neutral tones, you can choose a black, beige, gray or gray model.

The brand decorates its models with discretion and refinement with knots, fabric flowers, belts, brooches and pearls.

* Find the complete collection of 2014 Wedding Point evening dresses in our Bridal Fashion Catalog.

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