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3 Tips to leave your friends if you want
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▷ 🥇 3 Tips to leave your friends if you want to commit

Your best friends probably know a lot of random facts about you: your favorite place to eat sushi, the shows you love to watch, and even the names of all your exes. But do you know what the engagement ring of your dreams looks like? Or if you want a great proposal or something more private? If not, they should! If your partner is planning a surprise proposal, chances are he or she is going to see close friends or family members to get the scoop, so it’s a good idea to leave a few hints with your loved ones. While you don’t need to delve into all the details of your dream proposition, there are a few things your best friends need to know (and it’s definitely a fun conversation for your next Sunday brunch!).

Here are the top three tips you can give your friends if you think a proposal is on the horizon.

Your favorite ring styles

When it comes to revealing the type of engagement ring you want, there is nothing wrong with talking directly to your partner. In fact, 1 in 4 millennials hints or shows their partner photos of the types of rings they like. But if that’s not your style, you can give this information to your closest and dearest friends. Some details of the ring that you might want to share with your friends might include your favorite cut, setting, metal, and stone. Perhaps you have always dreamed of a stone other than diamond, such as a sapphire or an emerald. You can also provide a few words that describe your favorite ring style, be it classic, classic, bohemian, glamorous, romantic, or unique, and even some photos or ring designers you’ve had your eye on. Alternatively, there may be an heirloom ring in your family that your partner might want to discuss with your parents. In this way, if your partner is not sure what type of ring to buy, your friends will have all the details, ready to share.

The size of your ring

When your partner is shopping for your engagement ring, he or she will need to know your ring size, or an estimate, at the very least. Of course, if the engagement ring doesn’t fit, you can always resize it, but a perfect fit is definitely more desirable and impressive. An easy way for your partner to find your ring size is to “borrow” a ring from your personal jewelry collection to show the jeweler. However, if you are not a heavy ring wearer, your partner may have to ask your friends or family for your size. If you don’t know, head to a local jeweler to have your ring finger measured and then tell your loved ones the details.

Your proposal style

A surprise proposal means that you can’t dictate all the details – if you did, it wouldn’t be a surprise! But, you could tell your friends about certain aspects of your ideal proposal in case your partner asks you to. For example, if you prefer a private proposal rather than one that takes place in public. Or if you prefer to be proposed in your hometown or maybe while you are on vacation. Perhaps there is a song that is meaningful to you and that you like as a backdrop. Perhaps you want your family and close friends to participate in some way, perhaps in a post-proposal party. These details can be helpful if your partner is having trouble coming up with a proposal plan. There is also the possibility that your partner will use these details to deviate from their course – that’s the beauty of a surprise!

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