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32 photos that prove your pet should be at
Home » ▷ 🥇 32 photos that prove your pet should be at your wedding

▷ 🥇 32 photos that prove your pet should be at your wedding

Photography Asya

Thinking of adding your pet to your wedding festivities? These precious dogs (and some other animals) are sure to point you in the right direction. Come on, how can you resist a puppy ring bearer?

Read on to see our favorite ways to include your pet in your wedding.

UP Studios

Dress up your furry friend in a tuxedo, with a gold bow tie, nothing!

Black & Hue Photography

Have your beloved dog serve as a “safety ring” during the ceremony.

Two adventurous souls

Or even wear a lobster costume to a summer wedding prep!

Photograph by Patrick Nied

Let your pet be the center of attention …

Elizabeth Star Photography

Or if not, they could bombard your wedding party portrait!

Elizabeth Nord Photography, LLC

Have a trusted member of the wedding group accompany your best friend down the aisle.

Lacey Gabrielle Photography

Wedding portraits can be even sweeter when a cute puppy is involved.

Brett loves Elle photography

Smile for a family portrait!

UP Studios

Spend quality time with your pet as he prepares.

Jen Yuson Photography

It seems your dog had a few words to say during the ceremony!

Photograph by Jennifer Weems

This couple took the inclusion of pets in their wedding to a whole new level.

Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography

Your precious dog can look more festive if you wear a crown made of green.

Andie Freeman Photography

Or a colorful wreath with bright flowers.

Photograph of Megan’s Clouse

Have your pet capture all the memories, with a video camera mounted on his back!

Brittany Graham Photography

The bride and groom share a hug with their dog.

Gideon Photography

What a happy crew!

Ahava Studios

This little guy looks ready to party in his miniature tux!

Amy E Photography

A proud cub watches the ceremony.

Catie Coyle Photography

A sweet dog poses with his humans.

Photograph by Cory Kendra

This couple kisses their furry friend.

Photograph by Amber Rhodes

Seriously, how cute is this little guy?

Natasha I Gillett Photography

This pup is drenched in all the attention!

Pure plush photography

What could be more adorable than a puppy with a pink bow tie?

The Maine Tinker Study

It takes this couple a minute to snuggle up with (and get kisses from!) Their adorable little dog.

Green Holly Weddings

If your pup has been an especially good boy or girl, perhaps a mid-reception treat is what you need!

Apaige Photography

Your pet may want to join you during your first dance!

Photography Asya

You’ll probably be kissing a lot on your wedding day, but don’t forget to save a few kisses for your pet.

Becky Brown Photography

Photo pendants can be a lovely way to remember a pet that has passed away.

Tyler lindsey

Is there a wedding on a ranch without a horse? We do not believe that it is so.

Teal photography

Who needs a bridesmaid when you have a dog of honor?

Viera Photography

These adorable French bulldogs are ready to celebrate!

Maine Tinker Studios

Hey-cats can totally have fun at weddings, too!

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