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35 tropical invitations to take your guests to the
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▷ 🥇 35 tropical invitations to take your guests to the jungle!

Among the concerns at the top of the grooms list are, of course, suits. It is true that it will take a certain number of hours to find the perfect wedding dress or wedding dress that best shows us. But the preparations for D-Day don’t stop there! Wedding invitations are a key step in organizing your event.

As you already know, your invitation cards should be in accordance with the theme of your wedding and thus announce to your loved ones the atmosphere of the event.

Have you opted for a tropical setting? Here’s how to transpose this particularly trendy style to your wedding invitations.

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A lush jungle

The first image that comes to mind when the word tropical is mentioned is probably that of a thick green jungle. Therefore, it is not surprising to find this inspiration regularly in tropical invitations.

The most obvious way to make your theme known through your invitation cards will therefore be to reproduce the green palms. This pattern can be displayed throughout the invitation as a backdrop. You can also decide to tuck in the cardboard palms as if you were spreading greenery to clear a passage.

Finally, the popular flower crown motif can also be used by substituting emblems of the jungle for roses and other peonies.

Bright colors

An original wedding invitation goes through a lot of little details. To make your tropical invitation look just like you, do not limit yourself to green and invite other colors to brighten up the decoration with a combination of coral green and aqua green or with pink, fuchsia and even yellow.

These different shades will be displayed throughout the text of the wedding announcement, but also in the decorative elements and, why not, even on the envelope. The tropical theme is the occasion for an explosion of delicious colors, so it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it!

Exotic fruits and animals

Wondering how to complete your green environment with palm branches? Choosing between jungle animals, for example. Nothing like small animal themes to spice up your invitation card.

Toucan, parrot or pink flamingo are a good way to add color and exoticism to your invitations. We also think of monkeys, the famous lazy man or lemur, but also of wild animals, especially jaguars and pumas.

We complete the set with delicious exotic fruits whose appearance is particularly aesthetic, such as pineapple. Papaya, pomegranate, mango or avocado can also be part of the party.

Minimalist options

You may have planned a refined wedding and would like to send your loved ones a chic wedding invitation. If you thought that the tropical theme was not compatible with this requirement, it was without counting on the talent of today’s graphic designers that they are able to adapt to all your wishes.

There is thus a whole branch of tropical and minimalist invitation cards where the theme is discreetly evoked by means of a few light palms on the edge of the invitation.

For those who want a decidedly contemporary look, there are also anthracite cardboards with some exotic forest green details or black cardboards with gold palms.

If you have chosen a tropical invitation, it is because you intend to develop a wedding decoration that is reminiscent of exotic lands. Don’t wait any longer and choose some ideas from our articles.

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