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4 ideas of hats for the groom according to
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▷ 🥇 4 ideas of hats for the groom according to the style of the wedding

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Your partner has been preparing for weeks. She spent a number of hours that you lost count of searching for the perfect wedding dress. Shoes, jewelry, veils, wedding hairstyles and other accessories have also been selected with the utmost care. However, you should not be outdone and have also taken the time to choose the most beautiful wedding dress.

Because the bride is not the only one who can take advantage of the accessories to dress, do not hesitate to also go in search of these small elements that make a difference.

Today we offer you a selection of hats to choose from according to the theme of your wedding.

Table of Contents

1. For a classic wedding

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You have opted for a traditional event with respect to the customs surrounding D-Day. To this end, you have sent your loved ones elegant and understated wedding invitations with all the classic wedding invitation codes. In this case, the top hat may be the first solution.

It is a hat with a very characteristic appearance due to its tall and wide cylindrical cap. At that time, it was synonymous with a certain social rank and since then it is only used on special occasions. It will be the ideal accessory for a traditional and chic look. The top hat is not very obvious to take on, however, so you can also turn to the panama, a lighter but still very elegant hat that will complete your ensemble with refinement.

2. For a country wedding

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Are you going to celebrate your union in the country surrounded by a country wedding decoration? Think of the trilby. This short-brimmed harness is easy to wear and is one of the most popular hat designs today. Choose a straw trilby that matches the bouquets of flowers in your country by choosing a model with a black or liberty fabric band for an extra touch of elegance.

Are you looking for a more chic and original hat for your country wedding? Do not hesitate for a second and choose the canoe, a flatter straw hat, both on the cap and on the edges, with a ribbon to match the colors of your event.

3. For a retro wedding

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Your partner fell in love with a vintage wedding dress and you decided by mutual agreement to give your reception a retro accent. In that case, why not wear a bowler hat? This type of round harness has curved edges and a rounded hood.

It was created in England under the name Bowler Hat and its most famous representatives are probably Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill. If the bowler hat seems too imposing, the beret is another solution adapted to a vintage wedding. This typically French garment will add a touch of originality to your gray wedding dress.

4. For a fashionable wedding


The hat is a fashion accessory, just look at Pharrell Williams who made it his trademark! If it is not necessary to imitate the American artist by opting for the dizzying mountain hat, we can take inspiration from it and look for a hat on the side of the federas that will complete your blue wedding dress as it should be.

The felt federation is a safe bet for a fashionable look. For those who like to be on the cutting edge of fashion and are not afraid to dare to wear a less common style, think about the hat. We are not referring to the great Mexican hat, but to the Cordovan hat, an elegant black felt hat that will give it a crazy look.

An original and personalized wedding is above all the choice of accessories. Remember this rule when designing your wedding decorations.

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