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40 wedding buttonholes the most romantic ideas
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▷ 🥇 40 wedding buttonholes: the most romantic ideas!

Because you only get married once, it is normal to want everything to be at its best for this big day and for everything to go perfectly. That is why the bride and groom spend time selecting their reception place or the different elements of their wedding decoration. Appearance is also a success factor on this day. A beautiful wedding dress and an elegant wedding dress will be in order! If you thought buying a jacket and pants was enough, think again! The groom should also equip himself with accessories for the big day. For this, it has different possibilities and in particular the buttonhole, the male equivalent of the bridal bouquet.

Is your wedding theme focused on romance? Then your buttonhole cannot be an exception. Here are some tips for an accessory that fits perfectly into your D-day atmosphere.

What flowers to choose?

A buttonhole is usually made up of flowers, although some people sometimes choose other accessories such as feathers or a simulated object. As your goal is a romantic aesthetic, flowers will be the best option.

The flower that most obviously evokes love is, of course, the rose. You can choose a beautiful open flower to hang on your jacket, to match the gypsophila or lily of the valley. If you want to add green, think of ivy, which particularly enhances the jackets of gray wedding suits.

For a soft buttonhole, think of little blue and white mountain flowers paired with alpine panicles, an accessory full of delicacy.

If you like the idea of ​​a single flower, a large daisy or gerberra can do the trick too. The arum is also a poetic and chic idea. The succulent buttonhole is the new trend that goes perfectly with a blue or gray wedding dress accompanied by a little thyme and lavender. In general, choose flowers that are light enough to hang on your jacket with refinement.

What colors for a romantic look?

Freshness, softness, it is the best way to show a romantic look. White is, of course, a safe and traditional option. As we often tell you, pastel shades are always the winners. Pale blue, pale pink, peach, apricot, lilac, mint green, light yellow, it’s up to you to find the shades that suit you best.

Match your buttonhole

There are several things to consider when choosing your buttonhole. You will first have to think about the color of your costume and match the flowers to your costume. Depending on whether your partner has opted for a rose bouquet or a country bouquet, try to align yourself with the same aesthetic.

Lastly, keep an eye on your wedding theme and the dominant colors of your reception. It is always good to make as many reminders as possible through small details like the buttonhole.

It is often advisable to choose a buttonhole that is reminiscent of the bride’s bouquet. Think about it! Once you are well dressed and in your perfectly fitted outfit, you will have no reason to hesitate. This will allow you to walk down the aisle with your head held high and give an emotional and confident wedding speech!

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