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▷ 🥇 42 ideas for pretty table runners

Once your wedding invitations have been sent, you will focus your efforts on preparing the best possible welcome for your guests on D-Day. To impress them with a beautiful wedding decoration, you will have to think about all the little details that will make the difference in your reception area. When it comes to refining the decorative elements of your banquet, it is essential to choose table runners that suit your environment. Colorful fabrics, sequins, greenery or field bouquets, we have selected 42 smart ideas for your decoration accessory, accompanied by some useful tips to make your choice.

Materials and patterns

A must have for your wedding hall décor, a well-chosen table cloth will give your reception a whole new look. Combine different colors and textures to work the atmosphere of your banquet, starting with your tables. There are a multitude of materials, lengths, widths and shapes for this accessory that will be on your tables alongside your wedding flower arrangements: cotton, linen, non-woven fabric, openwork fabrics, white felt, silk ribbons, tulle or greenery in a completely different record.

You can choose an original fabric if you like the designs. You can even choose from a clever material mix like the latest trend – lace-lined jute table runners. Plain, cotton or satin, Vichy, ethnic or Liberty prints, anything is possible as long as your tablecloths reflect your D-Day style.

Ways to organize them

As for the arrangement of the table runners, it can also be original. On round tables, for example, 2 to 4 strips of fabric can be crossed to form a kind of star on the tablecloths. On rectangular tables, place your skates across the table or across the width (you will need several).

Place beautiful greenery garlands along its length with a few large, colorful flowers to create the illusion of foliage growing on tablecloths.

Layer two matching table runners, one wider and the other thinner for added sophistication.

Different styles

The secret of a successful decoration is above all harmony and coherence! For a winter celebration, a cocooning setting with table runners in tweed, fur, knit blanket is required. For a fall wedding, dare to wear reddish and orange leaves that honor the beautiful colors of the season.

Then, for a summer ceremony, bring freshness with the table runners made of lace or other light and delicate materials! Finally, for a spring marriage, choose a table runner made from fresh flowers to match your floral arrangements, which also acts as a centerpiece.

  • According to a specific topic

For a rustic wedding decoration, use materials that remind you of the country, such as jute, raffia or linen. You can also make a table runner directly out of greenery, a plant garland, real flowers, or plant moss.

If you are celebrating a marriage guinguette, put the tiles in the spotlight. For a chic event, give way to refinement with materials like silk, satin or organza.

For a 100% disco celebration, sequins, sequins, sequins, feathers or boas as table runners will make a beautiful wedding table decoration. Don’t be afraid to decline the shades of pink, from pastel to flashy for a romantic meal!

An atypical table runner for an original wedding theme, this is the logic to apply to all the elements of the big day. From setting up the decorations to writing wedding speeches, the cleverer you are, the more impressed your guests will be. So take these good ideas into account so that they discover a welcoming place sublimated by your care.

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