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5 conversation topics to have before getting married
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▷ 🥇 5 conversation topics to have before getting married

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Here is a summary of the topics that all couples should discuss in preparation for their wedding:

Do you both want to have children, how many and when? Also consider whether you would be open to artificial insemination and adoption, and what you would do if a disability were found in your unborn child.

Then let’s talk about education: will you be rather authoritarian parents, or rather cool? All of this will help you agree and feel ready when your baby’s plans come true.

  • Money and a career

Worry about the lifestyle you want to lead: how much time will you spend in your professional life and in your family? Will they be willing to compromise to spend more time together?

How will you allocate your expenses? They can raise some of their money. Also think about your savings plans and your investments in assets like a house.

Marriage should not prevent you from carrying out your own projects, as long as your partner also has a place in them if these decisions concern both of you.

Don’t overlook the importance of values ​​and beliefs within a couple – take the time to understand their respective perspectives on life in general and various foundational topics to make sure they’re compatible. Also consider the place your in-laws will occupy in your relationship.

  • Conflict resolution

Conflicts in a relationship are inevitable, you just have to learn to resolve them peacefully: learn to know your respective way of reacting and to respect them, within certain limits that you will agree on.

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