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5 gift ideas for witnesses
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▷ 🥇 5 gift ideas for witnesses

Your witness is a very close friend or even a member of your family, your sister or your brother. In short, someone to whom you want to give a special gift to thank them for their presence on this important day for you.

  • Box. Activity boxes are now offered by many different companies. There are also some original themes, from extreme sports to tasting great wines, and even weekends in the yurt. In short, if your witness likes to discover or travel, here is a perfect gift.
  • A treatment in an institute. Whether it is a massage or a manicure, this gift is especially recommended for female witnesses. A way to relax because she too has had her share of stress regarding wedding preparations.

  • A weekend together. To relax together after the wedding. Why not organize a weekend that you would share with him or her to show him that just because you are now married does not mean that you will forget about it?
  1. A voucher at your favorite store. This gift is the ideal gift when you are not very sure of yourself. In fact, with a voucher, your witness will be able to buy whatever he wants, and therefore he is sure to like it.
  • A photoshoot. It was your photographer who told you: organize photo sessions in private homes who want to put themselves in the shoes of a star for a few hours. Whether it is photos of your witness or your children, this gift is an original gift and one that will remain a trace for a long time. The quality of the photos taken is truly exceptional.

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