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5 good reasons to organize an outdoor wedding ceremony
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▷ 🥇 5 good reasons to organize an outdoor wedding ceremony

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If you are planning a secular wedding ceremony, you will have the advantage of being able to choose the location of your dreams. In spring, summer or even autumn, weather and weather conditions permitting, you can opt for an outdoor ceremony, which will offer you many possibilities. Here are the benefits you will get from it:

Unlike closed ceremonial venues like churches, which are often dark, or illuminated by electric light, outdoors you will enjoy beautiful natural light, and perhaps even the rays of the sun if the weather is right.

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A beach, a garden, a clearing…. the possibilities are numerous to get married in a natural setting, surrounded by trees or near a lake, a river or the sea.

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The two previous points will allow you to obtain very nice photos for your wedding album, in a pleasant landscape and with natural light.

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You will surely have more space than in a room, which is convenient for large weddings. Feel free to take the opportunity to set up a refreshment stand so your guests can wait before the ceremony.

You will surely have more freedom when decorating than in a closed space that already has its own characteristics: you can install an arch and take advantage of the surrounding trees to hang decorations such as candles, flowers and garlands.

What are the reasons for getting married outdoors?

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