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▷ 🥇 5 tips to choose your bridal bouquet

Miss Florist

To choose the perfect bridal bouquet, you have to take into account:

Her wedding dress

This is the fundamental element that will determine your bouquet due to its color, shape and style.

The theme of marriage

Your floral creation must be in accordance with the style of your wedding: you will not choose the same type of flowers and composition for a rural wedding as for a classic wedding.

Bride’s size

There are many forms of bouquet: round, cascading, small, large, bracelet…. your choice should depend above all on your height.

If you are quite tall, you can orient yourself in large bouquets or cascading bouquets, to avoid this if you are not very tall. In the latter case, you will have to switch to smaller and less bulky bouquets.

Be sure to give it a try to see if you are comfortable carrying your bouquet, as some can be heavy or too large for you to hold without tiring.

The color of the flowers

You can find bouquets of all kinds of colors, it is even possible to paint your flowers. You can choose a monochrome or bicolor composition, alternating a bright color with white, or a monochrome of pastel colors, for example, as long as the chosen tones are in harmony with those of your wedding.


Some flowers contain a higher concentration of pollen than others, be careful if you are allergic to them and prefer flowers that contain little pollen, such as tulips, orchids, hydrangeas, azaleas or pansies. You can also choose an artificial flower bouquet, just as beautiful, but that will prevent you from sneezing all day.

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