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5 ways to personalize your wedding M Ms
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▷ 🥇 5 ways to personalize your wedding M & M’s

M & M´S

If you want a touch of originality and sweetness for your wedding, consider replacing the classic dragees with these delicious treats that are no longer presented: M & M’s! With different colors, printed couple photos or symbols of your love and the text of your choice, you can make your own chocolates on request. The same goes for the packaging that you can choose according to your tastes and needs. Mark the place, candy sweets, slipped on your invitation or centerpieces, in all circumstances the M & M´S are the little details that make the difference on D-day.

1. The colors

You can choose the color of your small delicacies thanks to a range of 15 attractive and original shades: lagoon blue, ivory, parma, emerald green, yellow, pink…. In addition to being in complete harmony with your wedding theme, the M & M´S will bring a touch of joy to your reception. Thus, for a country wedding you can play in shades of green while pink and parma will be perfect for a romantic style.

2. The image

If you want to show your partner in the confectionery, you just have to select one of your photos and print it in chocolate. As the M&M are small, you will be advised to choose only portraits for a perfect and harmonious rendering. In addition to awakening gluttony, they will continue to be the memorable support of your union.

M & M´S

3. The clipart

You can add a clipart that symbolizes your union and make it appear on your M & M’s. Depending on your wishes and the idea you have of your union, you can choose, for example, the following icons: a pair of rings, a bride and groom, a diamond, an expression “just married” with hearts, flowers or a Cupid. Symbols for all couples who want to convey and share their happiness in an authentic and original way.

4. The text

You have the possibility to write your names or an expression of your choice to personalize your M & M’s. All you have to do is try different texts online and combine them with a clipart or an image to preview the result. You can also add the date of your wedding. If you have the soul of a poet, give way to sweet words on both sides of the candy. You can be inspired by song texts such as “all you need” on the one hand and “is love” on the other. This touch of originality will have its effect on your guests who will appreciate the elegance of the gesture.

M & M’S

5. Packaging

We find different types of packaging, each as attractive as the other, to make your M&M look their best. Thus, for a wedding, the brand offers you a range of boxes for dragees. More original, the tubes will serve as a placeholder on the plates of your guests who will be delighted to receive this gift. Finally, clear designer cases are available as well as DIY self-adhesive balls or hearts. Gift boxes are available with a bag of your custom M & M’s inside.

M & M’S

You have just discovered how to customize M & M’s to your image for your wedding. Make them virtually to get an idea of ​​what your treats will look like. To do this, go to the My M & M’S page where you can take your tests and compose your guests’ gifts in your own way.

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