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5 wedding decoration trends 2017 that you will like
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▷ 🥇 5 wedding decoration trends 2021 that you will like

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The countdown has started and you’ve already imagined most of your D-day. After purchasing the dress, shoes, and bridal bouquet, the preparations are progressing well. The time has come to tackle the decoration of your wedding and take care of all the details. If you dream of an absolutely perfect wedding without spending a lot of money, don’t miss out on the latest trends and take advantage of them for an exceptional, unique and totally personalized result. 2021 is your year? Luckily, this season’s wedding décor offers you the opportunity to create a wonderful celebration. See why:

1. Casual weddings are in!

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Forget the excessively formal ceremonies! If modern weddings are adopting an increasingly relaxed style, there is no doubt: this trend will increase in 2021. Getting married in an intimate and warm atmosphere has become essential. To create this atmosphere, we recommend that you choose a country wedding decoration, perfect for a cozy wedding.

Your D-day is not a luxury showcase, a show exclusively linked to your social status, but a real moment to share among your family and friends who have come to celebrate your love regardless of the context, the place and the budget. They expect your ceremony to be sincere, romantic, and authentic.

2. Welcome to the fusion of styles

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Although the retro and rustic decorations are reaffirmed one more year, the fusion of styles is a novelty. This allows you to create decorative corners that combine various genres, objects and accessories in a variety of ways. Therefore, you will not have to give up your wishes if your tastes vary, simply ensure the coherence of the whole and the general harmony to be successful in your scenography. Thus, great romantics can easily confess their bohemian and poetic characters, reflected in the very decoration of the wedding room!

3. Nature: your best ally!

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It’s more good news for your piggy bank. A cheap wedding decoration can be done thanks to a beautiful landscape decorated with a few elements can be enough to surprise your loved ones and meet their expectations. You will always remember your wedding venue, especially if greenery and stunning views are part of your decor. You will think of a style of bridal bouquet and ceremonial arch that will match, or even anchor, the atmosphere of your celebration. The magic of this will do the rest. Flowers, plants, and with them the colors and simplicity of nature will easily be invited to your big event.

In a society that is increasingly attentive to the treatment of animals, the problems posed by waste or pollution, and concerned about the origin of consumer goods, choosing a nature-friendly wedding theme is almost a claim and a truism .

You will tend to favor recycled decorative objects, pay attention to the materials of your wedding dresses and the choice of local products for the banquet….

4. Why not some eccentricities?

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While some newlyweds will give nature a central place in their wedding décor, others will put their hobbies, everyday dress style, and madness at the heart of their celebration. In fact, it can be a white wedding suit with a hipster style and the beard that goes with it, more original patterns, whatever a fantasy decoration is a real asset for an original wedding that looks like the bride and groom .

Feel free to multiply the original wedding games, guinguette animations, and bright colors. And why not integrate a few geeky winks on the site since in 2021, it is allowed!

5. The shabby-chic universe and pastel colors

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The chic décor style will reach its peak this season, when the soft colors of the pastel ranges are highlighted. They give lightness and beauty to the look of the lucky ones chosen through bridal bouquets with orchids, which return to the forefront. These soft tones are also used in country wedding invitations, thus gaining elegance. So characteristic of chic style atmospheres, they are very loved by the bride and groom!

Porcelain plates, old retouched wooden objects, worn but remarkably elegant trinkets, Liberty prints, glass bells, that’s the real shabby-chic! Search this genre now because you will surely be tempted by it this year. To be sure of your move, imagine a wedding décor in white, pale pink, and light blue, and go for retro items, but certainly not dated.

We hope we have enlightened you on the different possible wedding themes and we wish you the maximum inspiration for your preparations. Whether it’s your wedding dress, décor, or wedding announcement, make sure your choices are in harmony to guarantee your D-day a unique and original look.

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