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▷ 🥇 6 gift ideas for eco-chic guests


On your big day, you decided to pamper yourself. This is how you chose a very beautiful wedding dress, a garment that you have been dreaming of for years. Your companion has also chosen an elegant wedding dress in the most beautiful materials. Of course, you also want to please your family and friends, so you plan to organize entertaining wedding games for everyone to have fun.

To ensure that your loved ones will remember your event for a long time, also remember to choose an original wedding gift to take home. If you’ve decided to host an eco-chic wedding, that is, one that focuses on understated, natural materials and recycling, here are some gift ideas that your loved ones will surely appreciate!

1. Plants to decorate

Beautiful Moment By C

Offering plants is an ideal option to stay in an eco-chic idea and aesthetic that reflects the wedding flower arrangements used to decorate your room. However, be careful when choosing local and seasonal varieties that do not need to be imported from the other side of the world!

The advantage of succulents is that they require little maintenance and therefore little water, that they have decontaminating properties and would even reduce the electromagnetic waves in your home. For an increasingly original gift, think of mini succulents presented in recycled corks in small pots to which you can stick a magnet so that your loved ones can hang this souvenir at home.

2. Gifts made from recycled materials

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There is nothing like favoring recycled materials for small gifts that do not have a negative impact on the environment. There are many possibilities in this regard. For example, you can sew sheets of recycled paper to make beautiful notebooks, transform old vinyl records that sleep in an attic into ashtrays, recycled fabric in bags, champagne stoppers into fun superheroes for kids, or opt for accessories made from recycled canvas for boats. .

3. Small seeds to plant

Caroline gife

You who have established a country wedding decor, don’t stray from your theme when it comes to pleasing your loved ones. To do this, why not offer everyone a small bag of seeds to plant at home and enjoy fresh basil or parsley throughout the year?

An alternative to surprise your guests a little more? Planting pencils. It is an aesthetic, practical and ecological accessory that consists of a pencil whose end can be planted at the end of its use and you will see a beautiful plant sprout!

4. Homemade jams

Marie Barceló Photography

Homemade is also a very good option for eco-chic gifts. To delight your family and friends and thank them in the sweetest way, complete your original wedding menu with a little surprise to bring back: a jam made with local and seasonal fruits. Decorate the covers with beautiful natural fiber fabrics.

5. A DIY candle holder

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Start making handmade candle holders. Keep cans or glass jars in reserve throughout the year, allowing soft light to pass through.

Squeeze your can to create a very chic rounded candle holder. If you prefer to use paper, cut out patterns and install your perforated sheets around a chandelier to create beautiful highlights.

6. A bag of bread

Photograph of Police’Ines

If you’ve chosen a rustic wedding theme that emphasizes simple, raw produce, honor bread when it comes to thanking your guests. Offer them a nice wicker basket or linen bread bag as a keepsake. These useful and eco-chic gifts will be appreciated by your guests who will think of you day after day when cutting bread.

An original wedding is first and foremost a prejudice. For your wedding decorations, why not use natural and recycled materials to make a difference and make a lasting impression.

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