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▷ 🥇 6 ideas for a Trash the Dress in the country

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On your wedding day, you only have one fear, staining your wedding dress! We spend so much time developing the perfect ensemble, from the dress to the shoes to the makeup to the wedding hairstyle, that we want to stay perfect from morning to night. The same applies to the groom who will move carefully to avoid damaging his wedding suit.

This is how a great number of newlyweds are pleased to organize a rather special photo shoot after the big event: Trash The Dress. It’s all about finding your D-day photographer for a shoot where the wedding dress and especially the dress can and should be abused!

Do you want a “Trash The Dress” in the country? Here are some ideas for staging and accessories.

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1. Hay bales


Haystacks and haystacks are probably the most popular Trash The Dress accessories in the country. Sit in the trunk, simulate a hay fight, pretend to push the millstone forward, climb to the top of this circular pile of hay in your lace wedding dress, you will get cool and fun photos to add to your wedding album .

2. Rubber boots

Manon badermann

Put on rubber boots, preferably brightly colored or reminiscent of your union, and head out onto the roughest roads without fear or guilt. Since this is a Trash The Dress session, feel free to go back to childhood by jumping in puddles with your feet together, to go soak in the middle of a pond or to venture into the muddy terrain as you wish, without saving a few slips. Enough to add unusual photos to your original wedding photos.

3. A field of wheat

Marie Barceló Photography

Locate a beautiful field of wheat or corn, sunflowers or poppies according to your preferences. Be seduced by the greenery and let your photographer guide you through fun and romantic poses enhanced by this extraordinary setting. Don’t be afraid to lie on the floor, you no longer have to worry about stains on your wedding dress!

4. A forest trail

Do you like fairy tales and dream of a scenery worthy of the enchanted forest? So head to the woods for a memorable “Trash The Dress”. Take a picture of yourself on a pretty country road, among the trees, lying on a bed of dead leaves, perched on a rock in the middle of a river. There are many ideas for staging.

5. A corral for horses

Version for luxury events

What do you like the most about the field? Animals! Climb over a wooden fence and slip into a pen for a photoshoot with special guests, horses, donkeys, sheep, or even cows. Imagine the contrast between a mermaid wedding dress and this rural and animal setting, fun and surprising shots guaranteed!

6. A farmhouse decoration

Victoria Vermeulen

A campaign means Garbage The Dress on the farm! Play the rural card until the end choosing this type of place as the setting for your photoshoot. In the company of free hens, near rabbit cages, with small goats perched on hay bales, without deer, you will enjoy an authentic environment for a moment of complicity with your spouse and your photographer.

If you are planning a wedding celebration in the country, you will have to develop a wedding decoration according to the natural environment selected for this special day. We recommend here a country wedding decoration to be in perfect harmony with nature.

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