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6 people who will be excellent officiants of the
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▷ 🥇 6 people who will be excellent officiants of the ceremony

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During the preparation of your wedding, you immediately fell under the spell of secular ceremonies. Personalized wedding speeches, American style outdoor wedding parties, elegant wedding dresses…. all the ingredients are there. But there is still a gray area. How do you know who will be the perfect officiant who will celebrate your love by choosing the most beautiful love quotes? We give you 6 proposals to make the best choice.

1. A professional officiant

If you want someone outside of your circle of friends and family because you cannot select one of your family members, a professional officiant is the ideal option. It is up to you to contact different wedding planning agencies or simply independent professionals according to your budget.

A professional is used to orchestrating this type of celebration, so there is no risk of couac or unforeseen events. He will also be able to identify your expectations, write your story, and choose poignant ideas for your wedding speech. It will tell you about your romance in the best way.

2. A grandfather

If you have the opportunity, why not involve one of your grandparents or your husband’s grandparents during the ceremony? Bold, poignant, and original, this possibility should be seriously considered.

Trust the wisdom and experience of those who have lived the longest in your family. Your grandmother or grandfather will probably have no trouble finding the right words to evoke commitment and lasting love, give you good advice, and tell you lots of anecdotes about life as a couple, along with a humorous wedding speech when you need it.

3. Your mother / father

This is a very symbolic choice that will inevitably result in a magnificent ceremony. It is the choice of the heart above all. Indeed, imagine your mother who carried you in her womb or your father who also accompanied you in the different stages of your life to celebrate your marriage today, with you, in front of you.

Two people who watched you grow up and taught you everything (or almost everything). What could be more moving? In this case, the wedding speech of a sister or a brother will also be in perfect harmony with the excitement expected from this great moment. Also plan your interventions, they will be affected.

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4. Your best friend

Who knows you better than your best friend? If this person has also seen their relationship born and grow, it will be much better. But it must be a speech worthy of your event and a perfect rhetoric. Be careful at this point.

Why is it a good choice? Funny anecdotes or old photos from the closet, you can have some nice surprises if you let your friend host the ceremony. Laughter and good memories guaranteed!

5. A narrator or a speaker

Remember your college professor, a professor, with whom you have forged strong ties. A public speaker is used to speaking in public and knows how to get attention. A storyteller, on the other hand, will be able to add a dose of magic to the story of your romance. That’s what he does for a living!

Knowledge or professionals sought after on the Internet, make way for the true speakers for this stage of marriage that you need them so much! The best judgments on marriage will come out of their mouths.

6. A person who admires

He may be a writer native to your region, for example, and whom you hold in high regard. But also from a sports coach or his sponsor, because the people you admire are never far away. Pick someone unusual with so much charisma and presence. Asking him to speak is first and foremost to show you how much this person means to you, even if he is not from your family, and to give him your complete confidence.

Therefore, there are many ways to organize your secular ceremony and this requires above all a choice of the master of ceremony that suits you. Think with your heart and your intuition, who in your opinion will be able to find the right words to unite your two loving hearts? With a good feeling you will undoubtedly find the ideal person who, in addition to pronouncing solemn words, will accompany you throughout this original wedding that you have prepared with the greatest care.

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