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6 profiles of mothers of future girlfriends and boyfriends
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▷ 🥇 6 profiles of mothers of future girlfriends and boyfriends

In this article, we have defined six profiles of mothers who can be problematic in managing wedding preparations, to help you know how to react to have a good relationship with yours:

1. The laid-back mother who doesn’t care

She replies “don’t worry, everything will be fine” every time you tell her your worries and nothing seems to disturb her legendary calm. The good thing is that she won’t stress you out, but you can expect a little more from her. To do this, let them know the role you want them to play and give them some specific responsibilities.

2. The mother who wants to be at the center of the wedding

This mother is the opposite of the previous one: she tries to be the center of constant attention, as if it were her own marriage and takes the lead on many issues. If she could, she would even make the decisions for you! Be careful not to be overwhelmed and dominated by his opinions: make your decisions calmly and with your loved one to see things clearly, and then try to make him understand how you feel.

3. The mother who wants to participate in all her choices

You will probably be glad to have someone so present by your side when planning your wedding, however you may end up suffocating and needing a little space! So define your role by giving him some tasks to focus on, while you take care of others.

4. The mother who wants to decide what to finance

Members of your family who make a financial contribution to your marriage will likely want to have a say in your decisions, or even the last word! You do not agree that this is not logical, as it is still your marriage. So it’s not about grudgingly accepting your requests one after another, or you might regret not having conceived your marriage the way you wanted. Let them know the things that are important to you and try to reach an agreement.

5. The mother-bride

You would like to have the same role as your bridesmaids and you want to participate in your bachelorette party. However, your mom is not your best friend, or vice versa, and you probably want to do different things with each of them: plan to spend special moments with your mom and give her responsibilities that make her feel special before and during D-day.

6. The mother who can’t believe watching her little daughter grow up

She cries with tears in every conversation about marriage because she is afraid of watching you grow up and away from the family cocoon, which can be moving at first and then stressful. It is best to have a real conversation with her so that she can express her fears and can be sure of the future and the place she will always have in her life and in her heart.

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