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6 tips for perfectionist brides
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▷ 🥇 6 tips for perfectionist brides

Art Wedding – Farid Makhlouf

If you are a very perfectionist on a daily basis, chances are you are not satisfied with an ordinary marriage. However, organizing a wedding is not as simple as it sounds! Don’t worry, we are here to help you, that’s why we want to give you 6 good tips specially designed for the most perfectionist brides.

Art Wedding – Farid Makhlouf

This is one of the first things to do, a calendar where you will write down all the tasks that you will have to do before your wedding, such as preparing your wedding file, choosing your wedding dress, sending your invitations, etc. Do this in the form of a countdown, assigning tasks during the ninth month before the wedding, the eighth, the seventh, and so on.

It’s well known that perfectionists love to make lists, and this is a great idea to apply when planning a wedding. Write down all the tasks you want to do this week on your list, highlight the most important or urgent ones, and take care of them first.

Always carry a notepad with your to-do list with you so you can cross them off as you go along and possibly expand your list. You can make your lists online in our wedding planner, and take them with you everywhere thanks to our mobile wedding application.

  • Hire a wedding planner

They are the best allies of perfectionist brides: they will help you control your budget, your service providers, review contracts, take care of every detail and ensure the smooth running of your D-Day wedding.

  • Choose professional providers

Select only specialized wedding planning service providers who present you with a detailed contract for all services provided on your wedding day. It would be a mistake to ask friends to do the photo shoot or DJing.

No matter how well they do it with the best intention in the world, they are not qualified to perform their tasks. So that everything meets your expectations, contact professionals in each of the fields in question.

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  • Take a week off before D-Day

This will allow you to monitor the final details, call service providers to make sure everyone knows exactly what to do, avoid the unexpected, and properly welcome guests from afar. You will be more relaxed on your wedding day because you will be in control of all aspects of it.

It is obvious, and yet we are aware that it is not easy when you like everything to be perfect! Don’t worry if the napkins aren’t exactly the same color you ordered or if your popcorn stand has been canceled. On D-Day, it’s time to enjoy everything you’ve carefully prepared months in advance.

Forget the little details that will go completely unnoticed – your guests won’t realize the exact color of your napkins, and they won’t regret popcorn they didn’t even know existed. The important thing is that you enjoy the moment with all your loved ones.

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