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▷ 🥇 6 wedding traditions that you are not required to follow

Photographs by Joffrey Capone

Your wedding rings must absolutely match, you must marry in church at all costs… These are certainly prayers that your entourage has already preached to you. But times have changed and the couple now have great freedom to organize and personalize their wedding. Choose a wedding dress that you like and you like, there are no codes to respect. Your only goal? A marriage that radiates love, sincerity and above all, that looks like you. Your future husband also has the right to choose a wedding dress to his liking. Here are 6 old marriage traditions that you can adapt to your situation and your passions.

1. Your engagement ring must be a diamond

Although it is the dream of most brides, the ring set with one or more diamonds is not an obligation. Undoubtedly known as a woman’s best friend, many women dream of rings that are much easier to wear every day.

  • The alternative: have you always liked topaz? Do you want to wear an emerald like your mother? Or a custom-made piece of jewelry? So express your wishes and proudly wear a ring that rejects any cliché.

2. You cannot see your future husband the day before the wedding

The time for this old superstition is over. If they wish or if it is more convenient to sleep together the night before the wedding for logistical reasons, nothing prevents them from doing so. It can even reassure you and allow you to overcome stress together. On the other hand, you will surely prefer to prepare for the next day, and only reveal your wedding dress, hairstyle and makeup at the last minute. One does not prevent the other.

  • The alternative: More and more married couples don’t want to separate the night before their wedding. Do what your heart tells you, as simple and comfortable as possible for both of you, regardless of superstitions.

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3. Your father must accompany you during the ceremony

Can’t your dad walk by your side? There are other solutions, other male figures who are dear to you and who will assume the role of reassuring guide very well. The same person you’ll be sure to mention in your wedding thank you speech.

  • The alternative: Choose a very close friend, another family member or even your mother if you want to share this moment with her. If not, step forward alone, radiant and determined towards the man you are going to marry!

4. The departure of the spouses should be celebrated with a rice toss

If you don’t want to respect the great classics, think of something that fits well with your chosen wedding theme and will make a statement when the ceremony is released. Honor coverage, flower throw, we propose some original ideas for this great moment.

  • The alternative: Lavender that smells of Provence, scented flower petals (or why not dried), autumn leaves or the release of giant balloons, the possibilities are endless.

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5. Your bridesmaids must wear dresses of the same color

It is becoming less and less common to match the exact color of bridesmaids’ cocktail dresses to each other. It is normal that you have a voice in their costumes and colors. However, you can innovate!

  • The alternative: Choose a color and choose it in a palette of tones from which to choose the colors of the long or short evening dresses of your bridesmaids, while separating them.

6. Must wear something old, new, blue, and borrowed

As wedding entertainment evolves over time, this Anglo-Saxon tradition, which is widespread in Europe, is beginning to be lost. According to the latter, the future wife should take it:

  • something old (symbolizing the old life of the bride, her past)
  • something blue (symbolizing purity in reference to the color of the Virgin Mary)
  • something new (representing the new life of the Lady)
  • something on loan (showing the need to always be helped or supported)
  • The alternative: To make these customs less restrictive, why not bring a precious object in sight that reminds you of the importance of the commitment you are going to assume, but also symbolizes the ties that unite you with your family? A lucky charm!

In conclusion, it is up to you to create your own traditions. Follow your instincts and desires to imagine the wedding of your dreams. An original wedding can perfectly deviate certain traditions and rules. The important thing, in the end, is that love is there and that your D-day is to your liking. If you are inspired to transform these traditions and put them to work for you, take advantage of your impulse to imagine the best possible wedding games for your event.

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