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7 gifts from other places for your guests
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▷ 🥇 7 gifts from other places for your guests

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For some time now you have been perfecting your ideas to plan an original wedding. Personalized wedding invitations and wedding decor where nothing has been left to chance, the mission is about to be accomplished. As for the gifts to offer your guests before they leave, think about how to stand there as well. What would you say to them if you offered them amazing gifts from all over the world?

From Europe to Asia, our regions abound in culinary or decorative treasures that will delight your loved ones and leave them with precious memories of your wedding. But you can also think of small memories related to your honeymoon or your origins if you are a mixed couple. Here are 7 proposals that can give you some ideas.

1. Belgian chocolates

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Thinking of original wedding favors to thank your guests for their presence? Exceed traditions a bit more by offering your guests chocolates, the great specialty of our Belgian neighbors. Many professionals offer their clients chocolates, candies and filled chocolates in individual servings, in attractive packaging that can be customized.

Decorate each mini box with a ribbon that recalls the decoration of your wedding table, or personalize the chocolate directly, engraving it with your wedding date and first names. A necessarily ephemeral gift, but delicious.

2. Greek soaps

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Unlike Marseille, Greece is not necessarily known for its soaps. On the other hand, this beautiful Mediterranean country is an important producer of olive oil, which has led many artisans to dedicate themselves recently to the production of organic soaps.

If one of the members of your partner is of Greek origin, seduce your guests with Greek soaps in mini-format. The advantage of soap is that it offers almost infinite possibilities in terms of shape, color and smell.

Soap cube necklace, rectangles wrapped like candy, heart engraved with your initials … Share your wishes with the craftsman who will accompany you in this challenge.

3. Asian tea

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Everyone knows the Chinese tea or Ceylon tea, harvested in Sri Lanka. Asia, more generally, is one of the great continents of tea, and if you have traveled there as a couple, then it may be a good idea for a wedding gift.

In a small test tube or individual muslin bags in your wedding theme colors, offer your guests a blend of teas according to the season of your celebration.

Black tea from Ceylon flavored with orange and spices if married at Christmas, Sencha green tea from China, bittersweet and sweet, for a fall refreshment.

Also think of tea flowers, white or green tea twisted around an edible flower, ideal for gatherings with friends in spring. Are you getting married in the summer? Then choose a special blend of citrus flavored “iced tea”.

4. Salt the Himalayas

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The pink salt of the Himalayas, extracted from sometimes thousand-year-old saline rocks and considered one of the purest salts in the world, is particularly rich in trace elements. It is a good wedding gift because it is used both in cosmetics for its regenerative properties, in the bathroom or when washing up, and in the kitchen, providing a slightly more present aroma than classic sea salt. Its pretty pink tint will look great if you choose a glass or at least transparent container.

5. Moroccan spices

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Spices are the gourmet treat that you are sure to like. To impress your guests a little more, put your heart into Moroccan spices and blends. For example, cumin, turmeric, fennel or ras el hanout, a mixture of 20 to 50 great-tasting spices, perfect for seasoning oriental dishes.

Whether you have opted for an oriental wedding decoration, or are going there for your honeymoon, the spice bag will surely transport your guests to the other side of the Mediterranean.

6. A Portuguese liquor

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A miniature Portuguese liquor for your friends and family, and why not? While one tends to think of traditional Porto first, Portugal has many other alcoholic delicacies to offer.

The Beraio Liqueur, with its beautiful amber color, is obtained from the distillation of aromatic seeds and plants, but its recipe remains secret.

Ginja, very popular in the Algarve or Lisbon, is obtained by macerating cherries.

You can also put on your tables miniatures of Licor 25, a 14.5% pastel cream liqueur, which can be taken as a digestive or with coffee.

7. A Russian doll

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THE essential souvenir of any trip to Russia. A small Russian wooden doll, these nestable figures also called matriochkas and representing a beautiful blushing woman, are an original wink if you or your half have Russian origins.

Be careful, at the time of your choice, to choose the figurines “made in Russia”. Better yet, if you have energy, choose blank matriochkas, to be painted by hand and on which you can write the names of each of the guests.

You can also put a question on each doll, which each guest will have to ask another guest they don’t know, if you want to create a perfect icebreaker wedding animation.

After successfully impressing your guests with these exotic gifts, don’t neglect wedding sets. After your loved ones speeches and your wedding thank you speeches, you will ensure an entertaining atmosphere to end this beautiful day.

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