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7 tips for your first dress test
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▷ 🥇 7 tips for your first dress test

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After a beautiful and original proposal from your partner, you are already beginning to think about finding the perfect wedding dress. And you’re right, it’s best to start early because finding the rare pearl can sometimes take time. In fact, it would be a shame to rush and regret your choice later.

To make tailoring your wedding dress as pleasant and productive as possible, it is important to proceed in a logical order.

Here are 7 essential tips:

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Tip # 1

Before you start trying on your dress, check magazines, stores, or the Internet. See what the trends are, what you like and what you don’t like. Once you have all these ideas in mind, make an appointment at the stores to try on the dress. Keep your budget in mind so you don’t have to make unnecessary adjustments if the dresses are over budget.

Tip 2

It is best to be accompanied by a friend, your mother, or a close relative who has an honest and objective judgment about your adjustment. However, don’t be too many, as you risk having too many divergent opinions and getting lost.

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Tip 3

Before you go to the stores to try on accessories, remember to prepare: light makeup to look good, wax, choose a nice white or nude lingerie, wear high heels and do your hair. You will have a better opinion of the dresses you are going to try on if you are in good condition.

Tip # 4

When you visit the stores, indicate your budget directly to the saleswoman so as not to have unpleasant surprises at the end of the test of a dress that you liked, you may be disappointed or exceed your budget!

Tip # 5

When trying on a dress, think about moving around, trying to sit up, or even trying to dance. It is important that you feel comfortable in the dress that you are going to wear all night.

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Tip # 6

The day you decide to try on your wedding dresses, take a whole day to avoid stress. Also inform the person or persons who will accompany you. This will allow you to time each dress and therefore have a safe and unhurried opinion.

Tip # 7

Lastly, take a camera with you. Some stores do not allow you to take photos, but for those that do, they do not prevent you from taking photos. This will allow you to find yourself again in the different dresses and eventually in the dress of your dreams.

Because the choice of suit is very important for the big day, some advice can also apply to your future husband when choosing his wedding dress. Once you’ve chosen your dress, all you have to do is relax before the big day and try on various types of wedding makeup to make the day perfect.

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