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7 ways to tell your love story on D Day
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▷ 🥇 7 ways to tell your love story on D-Day

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Your relationship will be the center of attention on your wedding day. Everyone will be glad to see you shine in your beautiful wedding dress and it will complement the choice of beautiful wedding dress. We also want to know more about this beautiful love story that led you to this great day. Photos, videos, wedding speeches, what are the best ways to tell the love that binds you to your guests?

In this article, we propose 7 ways to present your love story and make your meeting the main theme of this day dedicated to your partner!

1. A nice speech

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One of the easiest ways to tell your love story is to speak again! Take advantage of your wedding speech to thank your loved ones and explain the journey that brought you here today, the different steps that sealed your commitment for life. Feel free to use a text or love quote to express your feelings for each other as you should.

2. A staging

Photographs by Elson Dmitri

Theater is your great passion! You are not afraid to put yourself on the stage and deliver a speech in public. Also, why not repeat the highlights of your love story in front of your loved ones? If you don’t dare to do it yourself, ask your trusted friends or even professional actors to present all the specifics of your meeting and your relationship to the guests gathered for the occasion.

3. Riddles

Julie Verdier

If you are still looking for wedding game ideas, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Offer a crossword puzzle or rebus to your loved ones on a big screen. The words to guess will all be related to your love story. Each time one of your guests solves the puzzle, you will use the word to evoke an anecdote about your relationship.

4. Photos in a panel

It is not mandatory to speak in public to tell your love story to your guests. It may be enough to make a beautiful photo montage that speaks for itself. For this, it has a large panel that you can decorate according to the theme of your wedding. Attach photos that are emblematic of your relationship. All you have to do is find the best location for all your loved ones to see the result.

5. A video projection

Antoine borzeix

Video projection is an especially popular wedding animation. Whether you’ve saved movies from your childhood or the beginning of your relationship or just keepsake photos, make a montage of these life moments using music and a few sentences to illustrate the images. Sitting comfortably, your loved ones will enjoy watching your meeting history on the screen.

6. The bride and groom gazette

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Have you opted for DIY wedding invitations? Are you enthusiastic about creativity and DIY? Then go for the grooms newsletter! It’s about making a newspaper or magazine entirely dedicated to your relationship! Print your special wedding edition in multiple copies to be distributed at the reception hall entrance or placed in a display case next to the cocktail tables.

7. Figures

Photos of the soul

Go back to childhood using Lego or Playmobil figures to tell your beautiful story! In the weeks leading up to your union, make a montage with these little characters and some accessories that will allow you to trace the different stages of your relationship. Once the video is completed, you only have to show it during the wedding night.

As soon as you receive the wedding invitations, immerse your guests in the romantic atmosphere of your D-day. Once your wedding day arrives, feel free to celebrate your partner or highlight your love story with beautiful phrases, photos and other wedding games.

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