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8 Celebrity Engagement Rings You Will Want for Yourself
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▷ 🥇 8 Celebrity Engagement Rings You Will Want for Yourself

2021 was a great year for Hollywood proposals and more importantly, celebrity engagement rings that pay off. It seemed like the media was always covering the latest news, from Hailey Baldwin’s secret engagement ring to Priyanka Chopra’s Tiffany & Co. beauty, celebrity engagement rings were in the spotlight this year. Although these celebrity engagement rings are of interest to those who follow pop culture, they are also especially relevant to anyone who thinks that their own proposal is just around the corner. This is why we decided to collect some of the best celebrity engagement rings of 2021 to fantasize about. We can all dream, right?

Karlie kloss

Cushion-cut diamond in a platinum solitaire set with a diamond paving ribbon

Model Karlie Kloss got engaged to billionaire Joshua Kushner over the summer and they made it official with a private wedding in the New York update. The ring, which Kloss shared on Twitter, has been driving fans crazy because of its sheer size. Its dazzling cushion-cut diamond has been speculated to be at least seven carats and worth around half a million dollars – casual, right? The cushion-cut blinding stone is set in a classic solitaire with a delicate pavement band of diamonds. It’s a gorgeous and timeless piece that definitely fit in with the classic Kloss look for the wedding day.

Paris hilton

Pear-shaped diamond in platinum, split reed halo setting

Former reality star and hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been flaunting incredible brilliance since announcing her engagement to actor Chris Zylka. The center rock is said to be over 20 carats and definitely suits the flashy style of high society people – who could forget those rhinestone tracksuits? The engagement ring features a massive pear-shaped diamond (similar to Hilton’s mother’s ring), adorned with a platinum setting and split reed halo, which basically has everyone saying, “That’s sexy.”

Hailey baldwin

Oval diamond with a yellow gold band

Another gigantic celebrity engagement ring is Hailey Baldwin’s sparkler given to her by pop star Justin Bieber. Baldwin had been seen wearing an oval cut stone and eventually debuted the roughly $ 500,000 ring on the cover of Vogue Mexico . The precious oval diamond has exceptional length and is adorned with a classic yellow gold band. We especially love how the rock stands on its own and is not set with an elaborate design. It is truly a killer piece and it is making future brides want an oval cut engagement ring.

Kamaro brown

David Yurman bands engraved in black and silver

Queer Eye s Kamaro Brown is engaged to director Ian Jordan and they each wear David Yurman bands in black and silver. Brown proposed to his longtime partner at Jordan’s surprise birthday party, surrounded by family, friends and, of course, the rest of the Fab Five. The matching engagement rings also have a sentimental touch, as the Netflix star recorded each band (insert Jonathan Van Ness meme “Can you believe?”).

Meghan Markle

Cushion-cut diamond flanked by two side diamond stones set in yellow gold

Designed by Prince Harry himself, Meghan Markle’s iconic diamond trio is definitely the engagement ring of the year. The center stone features a beautiful cushion-cut diamond from Botswana, a country the couple visited early in their relationship. The smaller diamonds, flanking the cushion-cut main stone, were from Princess Diana’s collection, making the ring even more meaningful. It is set in a yellow gold band (Markle’s favorite!) And is a gem that will not be soon forgotten.

Priyanka chopra

Cushion-cut diamond set in platinum

Actress Priyanka Chopra showed off her engagement ring this summer from heartthrob Nick Jonas and caught everyone’s eye. The Tiffany & Co. cushion-cut sparkler is said to weigh about four carats and Jonas was reported to have closed the entire Tiffany store to purchase the ring. The cushion cut appears to be flanked by two smaller baguette diamonds, adding even more sparkle and sparkle to the beautiful ring.

Emily Ratajkowski

Tear-drop and princess cut diamond on a gold band

We believe that model and actress Emily Ratajkowski did not want to choose a single diamond cut for her engagement ring and instead opted for two center stones. Her now husband, filmmaker Sebastián Oso, did not have a ring at the time of her proposal and decided to use a clipboard as a placeholder. He then upgraded the clipboard (TG!) To a quirky and modern ring, featuring a princess-shaped diamond and a pear-shaped diamond on a gold band. #swoon.

read Michele

Radiant cut diamond in the shape of a halo

Actress Lea Michele announced her engagement to boyfriend Zandy Reich this year with a stunning sparkler. The four carat diamond cut in the shape of a radiant sits in a halo and is definitely a sight to see. Similar to an emerald cut, the stone’s rectangular shape gives off a brilliant shine while evoking a vintage ring style. The radiant cut diamond is also surrounded by a collection of diamonds that helps enlarge the rock for an even greater statement.

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