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▷ 🥇 8 ideas to decorate your wedding with lavender

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Whether to add a touch of originality to your wedding dress, to offer a beautiful thank you gift to your loved ones from afar in their gowns and evening dresses or to offer them an exceptional and unforgettable setting thanks to an original wedding decoration, you want to personalize the different elements of your wedding day.

Today, it is the lavender that we propose to use in various ways to enhance your wedding day. This touch of freshness will come naturally at every moment of your big day.

1. A scented wedding invitation


Have you decided to start a wedding invitation to make your own wedding? Take the opportunity to add a sprig of lavender. To do this, select a small branch for each wedding invitation. Use a raffia string to attach your decoration to one side of the rectangular cardboard. On the other hand, write your text for your family and friends.

2. Color your bridal bouquet

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Lavender is very commonly used in the making of bridal bouquets. It is a lovely, romantic and natural plant that goes well with many styles of wedding flower arrangements. Altogether, at the heart of a country bouquet or to add a pop of color to a bridal bouquet with peonies and other white flowers, lavender is always good! Feel free to remember your flowers through your future husband’s buttonhole!

3. Lavender and wedding ceremony

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Lavender has its place during the ceremony. It is a simple and romantic plant that can be placed in large bunches in clay pots at the entrance of the church or town hall or tied in strands on the chairs along the central aisle.

You can also tape a little lavender to each pastry leaflet using a colored adhesive. If you are organizing a secular ceremony, do not hesitate to choose as a ritual to plant a little lavender, a plant that will take root and gain strength and height, year after year, in the image of your love. Your guests will also be able to throw lavender at the end of the ceremony.

4. The bride and groom’s car


If the famous purple plant is in the spotlight on your wedding day, there is no reason for your vehicle to be an exception. Hang a large bouquet from the hood, windshield wipers, or mirrors. If you’re not afraid of being noticed, try getting a purple car for your D-Day trips!

5. Exterior color


If part of the reception is held outdoors, do not forget to decorate the different outdoor spaces of your wedding. Around the main building, place small pots of lavender on the window sills. If there is an outside staircase, feel free to decorate it with large clay pots filled with purple plants. Hang lace-decorated glass bottles on tree branches and sublimated with long strands of lavender.

6. Decoration of tables and buffets

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For your wedding table decoration, for example, we suggest adding a sprig of lavender to your white napkins, surrounded by some lace paper. This plant can serve as a centerpiece in several transparent pots, in a metal bucket or in a wooden box, and it goes perfectly with white tablecloths, but also with decorative elements in pink, coral, carrot or anise green.

Lavender can also be used to surround a clear vase containing a floating candle. It will be enough to join the strands to the vase with raffia or another similar cord.

7. Lavender on the menu

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Note that lavender also has the advantage of combining with different dishes. Your catering service will surely be able to advise you on this issue and integrate this plant into your original wedding menu. Feel free to decorate your champagne glasses with a pretty lavender sprig, surprise your guests with a lavender orange chicken, or offer delicious and highly aesthetic lavender macaroons or a scented crème brûlée for dessert!

8. A nice gift for the guests

Don’t let your guests leave empty-handed. Offer them lavender seeds to plant, a sachet of lavender to perfume their wardrobes, Guérande flower salt flavored with lavender, organic lavender bath salts, a natural lavender soap or just a nice little bouquet to take home.

Dare to wear lavender to the end, practicing as many reminders as possible. From your wedding hairstyle with some flowers to purple makeup and the decoration of your ceremony, cocktail and evening, not forgetting the wedding games, lavender should not be missing!

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