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▷ 🥇 8 things to remember about your bridesmaids

The role of bridesmaids is becoming increasingly important at weddings. However, in order to fully play this role, you, as the bride, need to be aware of certain details that are important: this way, your bridesmaids will be delighted to be, and you can be sure that they will be at your service side when you need them. Here are the things to consider:

  • What do you expect from your bridesmaids?

You probably need to feel supported by your bridesmaids and see that they are truly involved during all the preparations through active participation. To do this, you need to clarify your expectations with them so that they can respond positively. This will prevent you from being disappointed if they don’t meet the unfamiliar requirements.

  • Tell them they are the ones you have chosen

We all need to feel special and it’s so much fun to be reminded – let your bridesmaids know as many times as it takes so they know how important they are to you and how important you think their role is before, during and after what will be one of the best days of your life.

  • Your bridesmaids want you to have the wedding of your dreams

Trust them, and trust them with your ideas, wants, and needs so that they can help you the best they can. Tell them honestly what kind of bridesmaid dresses you want them to wear, for example. Let them also give you their opinions and advice.

You’re the one getting married, not them! It’s normal for you to think about this special event almost 24 hours a day, but your bridesmaids have concerns of their own, too. So be careful not to be too picky and to invade their privacy by calling them at midnight to ask for their opinion on the color of your bouquet.

  • Assign responsibilities

Divide the chores among them to prevent some from feeling overwhelmed, and ask your family and fiancé (e) not to overload them, or they will become discouraged.

  • Help them show themselves in the best possible light

Your bridesmaids will want to be at the top of your wedding day: take into account their morphology, their tastes and their style of dress to choose the suit they will wear on your wedding day.

Before asking them to do you a favor, ask yourself if you would be willing to do it for them: it will allow you to judge what you can ask of them and set limits on them.

  • Do not forget that you are first of all friends

Spend some time with each of them and take an interest in their own lives and projects, as you may lose sight of them if you are too absorbed in planning your wedding. Keep hanging out with the girls and spend a few minutes with them when you get together to discuss some aspects of the preparations to see how they are doing, and everything will be fine.

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