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▷ 🥇 8 ways to keep wedding drinks fresh

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You are in the middle of preparing your original wedding. You have reserved a beautiful reception venue and can now imagine the ideal wedding décor that will enhance and personalize this venue. Your priority? May your loved ones come home with a smile on their face! This is how you come up with the idea of ​​organizing wedding games and other festive activities.

To satisfy your loved ones, start by feeding and turning them off first! To complete your original wedding menu, don’t forget to select several and varied drinks, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Are you getting married in the middle of summer? Does the weather forecast say that the temperatures are too high? Here’s how to keep your drinks cool throughout the reception.

1. Glass bottles

Love apple

Rather than presenting your drinks in plastic bottles, choose airtight and tap drink fountains, which are much more environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing than plastic containers. As well as being a perfect addition to your wedding table decor, these bottles will keep your drinks cool from the moment you fill them with ice and make sure they are tightly closed.

2. Masonry jars to replace cups

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Mason jars are glass jars with a metal screw cap and are one of the decorative trends that are becoming more and more popular in the bridal world. Say goodbye to plastic cups and offer your loved ones delicious lemonades in these matching glass containers with the paper or bamboo straws.

3. Thermos jugs

Mr. Marius

Thermos containers have the property of keeping your drinks at room temperature. If you have the reflex to use thermos for hot drinks, you should know that there are thermos jugs that can be very practical to serve your drinks very cool throughout the cocktail.

4. Newsprint

Photograph by Audrey Coppée

Can’t get your drinks out of their bottles and don’t know how to keep them fresh? A simple solution is to wrap them in newspaper. Personalize your newspapers with painting or love quotes written on the paper and wrap all your bottles.

5. Decorative ice trays

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Kill two birds with one stone by opting for a decorative and cooling solution. Get an old bathtub, wheelbarrow, metal sink, or some other kind of original container. Fill it with ice. Put your beer bottles and other soft drinks in it. It is also the guarantee of getting original wedding photos!

6. Vinyl bags for your tables

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Install ice packs on your buffet or food table, or clear ice packs that will keep your bottles cool without stopping your guests from watching. You can decorate these vinyl bags with small accessories or decorate them with colored stickers.

7. Personalized champagne buckets

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Champagne to serve during the day? Get some clear containers and fill them with ice cream, fruit and frosted flowers to color your refrigerated container. At night, opt for LED champagne buckets, an aesthetic that is sure to please your guests.

8. An ice bar

Photograph by Aude Arnaud

Give your guests the opportunity to refresh their drinks at any time during the reception by offering them an ice stand. Colored ice cubes, ice cubes with a dried flower, crushed ice, present ice in all its forms and let everyone choose their favorite formula!

Take care of the accessories of your wedding suits with as much attention as the details of your special decoration of the day. Take the time to choose the flowers for your bridal bouquet one by one and feel free to enhance your wedding dress with a buttonhole made from these same species of flowers.

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