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8 wedding decorations your guests can take away
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▷ 🥇 8 wedding decorations your guests can take away

You have the heart to organize an original wedding to be in your image and likeness and to please your guests. This is how you have surely imagined some wedding games for your guests to have fun and keep a unique memory of your event. So that your loved ones will never forget this great moment, what do you suggest they go home with a small element of their wedding decoration?

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When it comes to imagining your big day decorations, think about choosing accessories that your friends can probably take home with them. Why? Why? On the one hand, kill two birds with one stone by investing in the decoration of a wedding room that will also serve as a small gift for the guests and, on the other hand, to avoid waste and mess.

Here are some decorating ideas to offer your loved ones at the end of the evening.

1. Scented candles

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Small colored, round, square, scented tea lights, photophores, candles of any shape are the most romantic decorative element to place on your tables, along a staircase or on the edge of a window to add a touch of magic extra instead of their binding.

Your friends will be delighted to come home with one of these candles to burn day after day as they remember that beautiful moment.

2. Bouquets of flowers

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Chances are you have opted for wedding flower arrangements to personalize your reception area. Flowers are one of the most popular decorations for the bride and groom.

Much like the trend at flower bars, offer your loved ones to pick up a small bouquet of flowers at the end of the night to enjoy at home for several more days.

3. Soliflores

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You may have purchased a number of soliflowers to complete your wedding or ceremony table decorations with pretty flowers in small containers.

To avoid finding 200 soliflores in the fireplace in your living room, give one to each of your guests, a very useful gift because we often lack small vases at home!

4. Wooden boxes

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You who have opted for the decoration of a country wedding have recovered, here and there, wooden boxes to create a small improvised space, to install some floral decorations or to present your glasses and service cutlery with a rustic spirit.

After the day is over, offer your guests these boxes to use as a planter, to store your newspapers and magazines, or as a side table.

5. Sweets

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Pleasure is at the center of your wedding reception, which is why you couldn’t help but sprinkle your tables with sprinkles, install large candy boxes filled with colorful candies at buffets, or even make pop cakes that feature prominently. as the centerpiece of your table.

There is no way this edible decoration is going to end up in the trash! If your guests aren’t very hungry after the meal is finished, plan doggie bags made from recyclable material so everyone can take some of these delicious treats home with them.

6. Flags and colored lanterns

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Your wedding theme prioritizes colors and a festive atmosphere. Flags, origami garlands, paper lanterns and other colorful hangers are on board! At the end of the night, collect your gear and distribute it to your family and friends.

These paper accessories can be used as decoration in a children’s room or on the occasion of a birthday.

7. Giant letters

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Decorative letters are all the rage and you may have fallen in love with a wall message like “Long live the bride and groom”, “Welcome” or something else.

If you don’t plan on reusing these giant letters, offer your friends to take them home. People can find their partner’s initials or the first letter of their child’s name that they can enjoy hanging on their bedroom door.

8. Personalized mugs

No more disposable cups! We no longer want these disposable plastic objects and we prefer reusable eco-responsible cups made in France.

It is also possible to personalize them with the date of the day and the names of the bride and groom for a drink that your guests will save from the cocktail at the end of the night and take home to use and reuse daily.

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To make sure your beautiful celebration doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment, remember to spin around instead of tossing. Avoid waste by providing an original wedding menu in the right quantities, and offer bridal bouquets, buttonholes and other wedding accessories to your loved ones instead of throwing them away.

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