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A Libra Horoscope for your Wedding Planning Trip
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▷ 🥇 A Libra Horoscope for your Wedding Planning Trip

Sweeping through the middle of the astrological year, Libras are the perfectly balanced, windy, and intellectual scales. (In fact, you are the only sign without an animal or human to represent you.) Your Libra horoscope for wedding planning will see you embracing your role as the association sign and leaning on your ruling planet, Venus, a Roman goddess who represents love, romance and beauty. She graced the Librans with her refined sense of good taste and love of food and art, so one of the challenges in planning your wedding will be making sure you don’t overdo your quest for beauty.

While some of your natural Libra traits – like being a star communicator and having an easy charm that puts others at ease – will be valuable to you when planning, others will need to be thrown out the window for the sake of efficiency. You have a tendency to be indecisive because you are overly concerned with fairness, but you will want to feel more comfortable being voiced during your engagement.

Here’s your Libra horoscope (for those whose birthday is between September 23 and October 22) for your next wedding, from when you know you’ve found the best match to where you should go on your honeymoon.

Your partner: The person you let the argument win

You take those scales seriously, Libra, and one of the things you will not tolerate is injustice or an uninformed and unfair opinion. Your closest friends know there is no such thing as winning an argument with you unless they come with receipts on receipts on receipts, so when you find yourself letting your boo thang win a disagreement, it’s your Libra horoscope coming true.

Your reaction to compromise: We are going to shake ourselves in this life relationship, fair and equal couple

As an air cue, you tend to live in your head, and your thoughts can often outweigh your emotions. When it comes to predicting your engagement reaction, you can bet that your even-keel Libra traits will develop and your focus will be on ensuring a balanced relationship, not the sticky stuff.

Your wedding dress style: Boho chic

You, and your fellow air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, often get a bad rap for being overly indecisive, but all that trait really shows is your ability to always see both sides of any situation. Your Libra horoscope will lead you to a wedding dress style that will allow you to experience the best of both worlds and keep your scales balanced, just like boho chic. A combination of free-spirited bohemian style and embellished sophistication, these dresses will help you create perfect harmony on your wedding day.

Lauren Renee Designs

Your Engagement Ring: Princess Cut Solitaire

With the romantic and charming Venus as your reigning planet, you enjoy curating a life in classic style and glamor, even when you tend to be overly indulgent at times. Your Libra horoscope calls for an oversized princess cut ring that definitely attracts attention, but is not over the top.

Your color palette: Black and white

It’s important that symmetry and balance show up in your aesthetic choices, Libra, so a black and white color palette is a no-brainer. It appeals to her classic sense of sophistication and speaks to her love of finer things as it lends itself to more formal dress codes. Accentuate with warm metallic tones or earthy greens to show off your softer side.

The place of your wedding: Museum of science or history to satisfy their curiosity

Almost insatiable curiosity is the birthright of every Libra, as the free-spirited, head-in-the-clouds philosopher of the zodiac. Your wedding venue is no exception to your lifelong desire to be surrounded by what is truly important to you: information. Find a sophisticated science, history, or art museum to suit your Libra traits.

Your Wedding Cake: White Fondant and Floral Appliques

Your bohemian spirit does not prevent you from enjoying the structure. In fact, their Venusian sensibilities lend themselves to a heightened sense of order. A square fondant style wedding cake is perfect for your love of boundaries, while floral details help soften the lines for a perfectly balanced look.

Stanlo Photography

Your Wedding Hairstyle: Balanced Center Part with Free Spirit Texture

Libras love being free from social restrictions and finding beauty in the unexpected. Your Libra hair horoscope will definitely see you leave your styling tools at home and ask your stylist to give you a natural look. Rock into your natural texture, be it spirally, pin-shaped, or somewhere in between. Balance everything with a central part.

Your Wedding Fragrance: Free-Spirited Herbal Notes

Choose a wedding fragrance with refreshing, wild herbal notes, like lavender, to match your free-spirited nature.

Try this: Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau de Parfum

Your ideal honeymoon destination: Belize

You’ll need a honeymoon destination that allows you to calm your sometimes neurotic mind while also giving you some exercise, which is why Belize’s mix of tropical beaches and ancient Mayan ruins is ideal.

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