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▷ 🥇 A wedding veil with short hair, it is possible!

Benji Study

The wedding dress was an obvious choice for you. You immediately fell in love with this beautiful model in a white dress in which you imagine yourself spinning sublimated by a bridal makeup that will be done by a beauty specialist. Where things get tough is when it comes to your wedding hairstyle! In fact, you have short hair and the impression that you will have a hard time finding your happiness.

Keep in mind that short hair is not actually a limitation. We can consider all kinds of beauty treatments and even wearing a veil! Did you think this accessory was only for long hair? Don’t get me wrong! Discover below our different ideas to combine the wedding veil and short hair.

Delicate toilet

Lola Raspberry Lola

The ideal veil with short hair? A veil. Why? Why? Because it is centered on the face and has no longitudinal effect, the veil will particularly enhance your short cut.

Hang it with discreet little rods or choose a more eye-catching wedding accessory like a beautiful jewel or flower clip that will enhance the ensemble and make your hair look even more sophisticated.

For the veil, check out fishnet fabrics or thin, see-through materials with feathers for a very romantic look.

Candle and headband

Anne Delamarre Photography

You have very short or even short hair, so you wonder how to hold a veil on top of your head without spending the day swinging? Get out your secret weapon: the headband!

This type of accessory will allow you to install any type of short or long candle on your skull and fix it by installing the tape over the candle or by using the structure of the tape to catch the fabric at different strategic points.

Depending on the theme and style of your wedding, choose the accessory that best suits your look, from traditional white headbands to trendy fabric headbands and glamorous jewelry headbands if you want to shine.

Veil and flower crown

Photographer Marino M

A wedding hairstyle for short hair does not necessarily mean a youthful look. The most romantic of you will be delighted to become a flower crown, an ideal accessory to bring poetry to your shortcut and to put on the famous white veil!

Your crown will be an aesthetic and practical accessory that will allow you to consider the use of a veil that we recommend that you attach to the back of the crown so as not to hide it and that will hang on your back. You can also have fun by lifting the veil over one of your shoulders.

Veil tied pirate style

Constance fournier

Looking for a style idea that gives you a trendy look? Do you like bohemian and vintage aesthetics? So think about the knotted veil technique! It’s simply a matter of fastening this classic accessory by tying it to the side of the skull, giving it immediate style.

The knotted veil is an ideal option for wearing short hair. For a more retro look, also think of these candles that cover the entire skull and hang down one side of the face. The spirit of the Roaring Twenties will be with you thanks to this accessory with its crazy charm that it would be a mistake not to take into account!

What is missing from your set? A bridal bouquet, of course! Wait until you have finished your equipment to choose the flowers for your round bridal bouquet and make sure that harmony will prevail between your clothes, accessories and fresh flowers.

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