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▷ 🥇 Beautiful photos guaranteed: learn to pose in front of the lens!

Photograph by Ben & Kassie

Memories of your big day, you will not miss them. A copy of your wedding invitations, dried flowers from your bouquet, some elements of the wedding decoration or the paper on which you wrote down the text of your wedding speech, not to mention the best memory box, your memory!

However, it is true that photos are part of these memory aids that we like to surround ourselves with to remember happy moments. This is particularly true on the occasion of a wedding that marks an important step in the life of a couple.

Have you summoned a professional photographer to your wedding and even if you are very happy, the idea of ​​posing in front of him makes you nervous? Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your photoshoot!

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Not setting the target

If you stand too straight in front of the lens, your face will be photographed without creating shadows, which can have the effect of making it larger. Shooting has a flattening effect that is not necessarily designed to enhance it. Try to introduce yourself a little to the side.

Ju & Ju Photography

Lower chin

You find your face too round or square. Not sure how to place it in front of the lens to refine it or just give it a pretty shape? All you have to do is lower your chin a little! You will see that this simple trick will present your face in a more flattering way.

Julien Dage Photography

Adopt the correct posture

It is not every day that you find yourself dressed in a mermaid wedding dress or a chic wedding dress. Therefore, these festive outfits may not make you feel particularly comfortable posing.

In this case, adopt a few small techniques, the first of which, of course, is to stand up straight and roll your shoulders back to look good and enhance your clothes.

Also consider leaving a space between your arm and your torso to highlight your waist.

In the same way as for your face, prefer a slight side exposure to a full front view.

Geoffrey Arnoldy – Photographer


If it’s good to know a few tricks about installation, the most important thing is not to freeze!

Take a deep breath, relax, change your posture regularly to soften and relax, and try not to think too much about the crackle of the flash but about your partner on stage! This way you will get original and romantic wedding photos.

Tristan Perrier – Artist Photographer

Be natural

If your blue wedding dress disturbs your movements, take off your jacket to take some photos. If the heels that come with your wedding dress make you suffer, take them off for a moment. Find your naturalness and don’t be afraid to let it go, it is at this price that you will get photos that look just like you!

Célia Dussaussois Photographer

Listen to your photographer

Don’t see your photographer as an enemy! In fact, he is a precious ally, a specialist who is used to this type of situation and will be able to help you position yourself to obtain the most beautiful photos of your relationship.

Pay attention to their recommendations and establish a relationship of trust that will be very beneficial for the success of your photos of the big day.

Emmanuel Cebrero Photographer

Looking for fun pictures from your D-day? Ask your photographer to follow you through planned wedding events to entertain your guests. Wedding games are one of the best times for shots out of the ordinary!

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