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Best Google Search Terms for Every Engaged Couple
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▷ 🥇 Best Google Search Terms for Every Engaged Couple

If you’ve recently gotten engaged and are ready to plan your wedding, you’ve likely gone to Google to see where to start. According to the 2021 WeddingWire Newlyweds Report, wedding couples spend 80 percent of their wedding planning time online, and there are definitely some Google search terms that they will search first. WeddingWire partnered with Google to find out what couples are looking for as they plan their big day. These search terms represent the top challenges wedding couples face, from finding suppliers to determining a budget, and if you’re new to the wedding planning game, they likely also represent some of the difficulties with! the ones you are dealing with!

Ready to start your wedding planning journey? These are the top Google search terms that are helping couples make those first moves.

“Wedding planner”

It is no wonder that “wedding planner” is among the top search terms on Google. Engaged couples can feel overwhelmed during the early stages of their planning process, and are looking for wedding planners to guide them. Other Google search terms include phrases like “wedding planners near me” and “wedding coordinators,” demonstrating that couples are seeing the value in hiring a dedicated wedding professional to make sure their big day goes by. develop seamlessly, be it a full wedding planner or coordinator day.

“How to plan a wedding”

When it comes to wedding planning, it can be difficult to know where to start. Bridal couples clearly want a simple “how to” guide to help them plan their wedding, step by step. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of resources online (hello, WeddingWire!) That can assist couples in all aspects of preparing for their big day. And while there’s a lot more to wedding planning than a basic how-to guide, the results of this Google search term will give couples a good starting point.

“Wedding Checklist”

Wonderfully following a wedding checklist can really make or break your planning process. Wedding checklists will show you where to start, when to hire vendors, and hold you accountable as your big day approaches. An online wedding checklist is particularly ideal, as you can refer to it and check off tasks while you are on the go. Whether you have more than a year or less than three months to plan your big day, a wedding checklist is an important resource to help you feel organized and in control. A Scoundrel Plug: WeddingWire has an impressive free wedding checklist that has been a lifesaver for many couples, and is definitely worth a look.

“Wedding venue near me”

When it comes to looking for a wedding venue, couples are thinking locally. This is not too surprising, since according to the Newlywed Report, three out of four couples get married in their hometown or the city where they currently live. Couples begin their search for venues by looking for directories or lists of wedding venues that are close to where they live, and then likely reading reviews and other information about these venues to help narrow down the options. Although there are many factors to consider when choosing a meeting place, a convenient location is certainly one of the most important, as this Google search term illustrates.

“Wedding Timeline” or “Wedding Planning Timeline”

There are a few reasons why these are the best Google search terms for engaged couples. Couples want to know in what order they need to handle wedding planning tasks, such as hiring vendors (as we mentioned, a wedding checklist can help with that), but they may also be thinking about the actual timeline of the wedding. your wedding day. How long does a typical ceremony last? When should our guests dine? When do the speeches take place? A solid timeline is essential to ensure things stay on track on the big day, and that vendors and guests know where to be and when. While searching for wedding dates on Google can provide some helpful samples, each wedding has its own unique logistics and couples should work with their wedding planner or venue coordinator to create their own timeline.

“Budget for the wedding”

How much is all this going to cost? This is probably one of the first questions dating couples will ask, and they are clearly looking to Google for help answering it. While your wedding budget will depend on many things, including where your big day will take place and how many guests you will receive, there are online budgeting tools that can help you determine what your budget should be and keep track of the numbers.

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