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Bicycles an essential decoration for your country wedding
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▷ 🥇 Bicycles: an essential decoration for your country wedding

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After several weeks of searching and pinning down wedding decoration ideas online, you are decided: your marriage will be rural or not. If you’ve already chosen your reception venue and sent your wedding invitations, it’s time to focus on the little accessories and great decorating ideas that will make your ceremony original.

The latest trend in boho, rural or retro marriages? The bicycle, tastefully decorated and declined from the tabletop to the wedding urn.

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A bicycle, what bicycle?

“When we go out early in the morning, when we go out on the street, by bicycle…. “Yves Montand sang, to the brilliant melody of La Bicyclette. Like the famous singer, do you adore the little queen? Or is it just her old-fashioned charm that seduces you?

Anyway, you decided to spread out a few bicycles to decorate your reception area, or even to make it the theme of your wedding. Be careful, we are not talking about your childhood mountain bike, but a city bike with a retro design.

Country decoration

A dutch bicycle

Right now, it’s the Dutch bikes that everyone is taking off, these bikes with nice leather saddles, with sleek lines that allow you to pedal while sitting upright. But a more classic city bike, with a charming color, will also do its job as a decorative object. Do your grandparents, uncles and aunts have antiques in the garage? Perfect. Choose the authentic effect of an authentic vintage motorcycle.

A big bi

If you are lucky enough to own or find a greatbi, you are sure to succeed in your retro décor. This type of bicycle, made up of a very large front wheel and a very small rear wheel, is a rare object that appeared in the middle of the 19th century.

Some decorators offer it for rent as decorative displays in the form of large wrought iron bis that you will have to decorate with beautiful potted plants, it is preferable to place this bicycle in outdoor spaces to reinforce the poetic character of your wedding with this garden furniture. You will not have to decorate it excessively since its silhouette is self-sufficient.

Marry yourself

A scooter

Also, if you have a garden or park for your wedding cocktail party, think big! Choose a 3-wheel cargo bike that will allow you to present in an original way the beers, soft drinks or other cold drinks that you will offer to your guests.

Fill the back box with ice cubes and keep your bottles cool by enjoying this beautiful oversized decorative item.

A part of the bicycle

Also keep in mind that if this bike is only intended for your wedding hall décor, it doesn’t have to be perfect. And why not just reuse the bike parts?

A wheel suspended from a wall for hanging photos or placed on an easel as a board and carefully decorated, this is an original approach.

Jean-Baptiste Ducastel

What decoration with your bike?

You’ve accumulated your stock of bikes, or you’ve found THE magnificent bike that will be the star of your décor, but are you wondering how to make the most of it for your D-day? For example, place a bicycle at the entrance of your reception area to show your guests the addresses of the candy bar, welcome cocktail or dance floor, where most of your wedding events will be held.

A beautiful pastel bicycle will be perfect to welcome your guests, or to support your original wedding urn on the luggage rack. Lastly, to hang the tabletop on a bicycle, or even sweet words for your loved ones, nothing could be easier: run a discreet, flexible wire around the machine, then hang the boxes with mini clothespins from wood, for a successful DIY effect.

How can the bicycle be equipped?

Flowers always flowers flowers

Because nothing should be left to chance in a rustic wedding decor, the bikes in your decor will benefit from an accessory. Long live the flowers and plants, for a rural setting as you wish!

For example, go for ivy, which is easy to attach to the frame or around the handlebar. Spread the wedding flower arrangements in the wicker basket on the front of your bike, or in a vintage leather bag on the sides. Pick out pretty, boxed wreaths of wildflowers.

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Romantic accessories

You can decorate your bike with various garlands, lights, paper or pennants, or attach ribbons, silk or tulle. Finally, add the romantic touch by hanging one or more posters with messages celebrating the love of your bike.

Since decor isn’t everything at a wedding, make a list of what you still have to do before the big day. Is your wedding speech ready? Have you decided on your wedding bouquet? Great and beautiful emotions await you before your union.

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