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Bridal Shower Activity Create a Recipe Book
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▷ 🥇 Bridal Shower Activity: Create a Recipe Book

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This is a fun way to take an activity into the shower and give the bride-to-be a personal and meaningful gift that she can always treasure.

Find out how to make a bridal shower recipe book below:

Before showering:

Buy a blank recipe book like this one and a pack of pretty blank cards with matching envelopes. Use a glue gun to securely secure an envelope in the center of each page of the book.

Ask each guest to choose at least one recipe to include in a personalized cookbook for the bride. This can be a family recipe, a personal favorite, or just something they think the bride will enjoy.

In the shower:

Hand out pens and cards. Ask the guests to fill out their cards with the recipes on the front and personal notes for the bride on the back. When they are done, ask them to choose a page from the book, put their note card in the envelope, and label the envelope with their name and the name of the recipe.

If you want, you can take this activity to the next level and provide craft supplies for the girls to decorate their pages.

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