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Buy rent or have your wedding dress made
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▷ 🥇 Buy, rent or have your wedding dress made?

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To keep your clothes fresh and radiant, you will select the most colorful bridal bouquet. To be to your advantage on your wedding day, you will certainly go to a professional for the realization of a beautiful wedding hairstyle. But every conceivable accessory is nothing without a central element of your D-day look: your wedding dress!

This garment should be your first concern because it will define the rest of the elements of your look. But here’s the thing: is it better to buy, rent, or have your wedding dress made for you? You have been working on this question for weeks without being able to answer it.

To help you in your choice, we present here the advantages and disadvantages of these three options.

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Buy your wedding dress

The first advantage of buying your wedding dress in the store is buying a new dress that only you will wear and that you can keep for the rest of your life! There are many stores where you can try on a large number of models of larger wedding dresses or in any other way. Specialized vendors will be at your disposal to advise and guide you in choosing the model that best suits your needs.

The downside to a lace wedding dress or any other store bought material is that you will have to choose from pre-made models in standard shapes and sizes. It will be possible for you to make some alterations, but you will not be able to completely reinvent your dress to suit you in every way.

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Rent your wedding dress

The obvious advantage of renting is the price. Renting a wedding dress is obviously cheaper than buying it. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime garment that will end up in a closet at a certain location, it may be very wise to rent the party outfit. The rental price generally includes cleaning of the dress, as well as any minor alterations and insurance. Remember to read the conditions of use of the wedding dress rental company to avoid unpleasant surprises and do not forget to return your garment on the indicated date!

The downside to renting is, of course, that you cannot keep your wedding dress simple or sophisticated. For some women, the dress is a precious keepsake that they want to keep with them at all costs. Others are not comfortable with the idea of ​​wearing a suit that has already been worn. Some stores offer rental of new dresses at a slightly higher price than second-hand dresses.

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Choose custom option

An original wedding dress made especially for you and only for you, that’s what makes you dream. There are indeed many benefits to using a seamstress for your wedding dress. A dress made to measure according to your morphology, the style of your event and of course your wishes, the inspirations that you may have gathered here and there before your wedding. You will have a series of appointments with your designer who, listening to you, will be able to make various proposals until you find the model that suits you best. Next, various garnishes will be made to make your suit fit like a glove!

The downside to this type of service is its cost. It is the most expensive of the three options, as it requires many hours of work. You will also have to take into account the manufacturing time, about 6 months, and therefore proceed well in advance if you are tempted by this service. You will also have to be well informed about your clothing designer and choose a person who is capable of understanding your tastes, producing quality work and with whom the feeling passes from the first moments.

The wedding dress, okay! What about the wedding makeup? Have you thought about it? Do you think you can handle it yourself or will you use a beauty professional? Don’t neglect the wedding makeup step to enhance your beautiful celebratory outfit.

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