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Colored wedding dresses 2013
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▷ 🥇 Colored wedding dresses 2013

Photos: Vera Wang 2013 and Pepe Botella 2013

The trend towards the use of color in traditionally white wedding dresses has already been felt in 2012 and has been reinforced in the 2013 collections.

Photo: Wedding Point 2013

To honor this little revolution, we offer a selection of exclusively colored models that illustrate the trends towards which fashion is evolving, in order to convince the most faithful defenders of the white tradition and to reassure those who have never been convinced of 100 % White.

Photo: Eglantine Creations 2013

In fact, the experiments of the creators seem to have borne beautiful fruit, and some models of colored wedding dresses are really worth a visit for their elegant or even exquisite appearance, and the fact that they dared to use color!

Photo: Brides of Provence 2013

A wedding dress for a romantic wedding, in pastel pink, created by Rosa Clará: for a bride who embodies the quintessential romantic soul thanks to a long train, a marked belt and a semi-transparent back.

Photo: Rosa Clará 2013

This model combines two key themes of 2013: romanticism and rustic style evoked by pastel-colored floral motifs, all with a slight touch. A perfect dress from the Emilie des Près brand for a simple and natural style.

Photo: Emilie des Près 2013

Peppe Botella has chosen one of the great musts of the season: a fitted corset, a long, flared skirt with ruffles, adorned with a long blue ribbon tied at the waist like a belt. If you are looking for “something blue” to honor tradition, you are done!

Photo: Pepe Botella 2013

Eglantine Créations dares to use color, the color of the year: a light green that surrounds the bride with energy and vitality. The cut is romantic, flexible and very feminine. For the most daring brides!

Photo: Annie Couture 2013

Photo: Brides of Provence 2013

In your 2013 collection, could Elsa Gary miss the blue? Of course not! These straight-cut models, with mixed and shaded fabric combinations, appeal to earthier women.

Photo: Elsa Gary 2013

Dressing in gray on your wedding day can seem very brave. Cosmobella, however, offers this color with great naturalness in this romantic model inspired by the glasses of the 18th century.

Photo: Cosmobella

  • Gold for a bright bride

In 2013, brides must shine, not only on their own, but also and above all thanks to their appearance. If gold invites makeup and accessories, why not wear it on a dress as well? This is the golden creation with a Pepe Botella chocolate belt.

Photo: Pepe Botella

Photo: Brides of Provence 2013

Black has always been synonymous with strength and aggressiveness. In this model from Atelier Aimée Montenapoleone, this dark color is romantic thanks to the light effect of the feathers on the skirt and the simple and elegant lines.

Photo: Aimée Montenapoleone Workshop 2013

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