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Cotton Wedding 8 ideas to celebrate your first wedding
Home » ▷ 🥇 Cotton Wedding: 8 ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary

▷ 🥇 Cotton Wedding: 8 ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary

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The time for preparations, purchases and reservations already seems very distant! It has been a year since you exchanged your vows between two wedding speeches sprinkled with tears of emotion. Today it is no longer a matter of sending wedding invitations to your loved ones, but birthday cards for your cotton wedding. Surely you will be celebrating with your family and friends for the occasion, but first of all, it is with your half that you want to celebrate this important date. To make this first anniversary worthy of the original wedding that you enjoy remembering, choose from our list of ideas, the gift or gifts that will bring you your most beautiful memories of D-Day!

1. A souvenir photo album

If you are nostalgic for the day of your union and the year that has already passed, why not give a photo album to your loved one? But not just anyone! An album that would contain some well-chosen images of your big day, as well as photos of the great moments of your first year (events, trips, parties, etc.).

This gift is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the original photos of your wedding remembering intimate and joyful moments.

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2. A breakfast in bed

Take out the big game: continental breakfast, freshly squeezed fruit juice, bouquet of roses, newspaper…. Also remember to add a card in which you write beautiful love quotes! This little attention will be perfect to gently start your birthday!

3. A gift of cotton

The first year of marriage is called a cotton wedding. In a nod to this denomination, offer your half gift of this material, such as a small home decoration, a personalized shopping bag or a bouquet of field flowers decorated with small cotton balls.

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4. A toilet photoshoot

The boudoir photoshoot can be an original and surprising wedding gift even a year after your big event. Throw on a pastel lingerie set or a gorgeous white evening dress to highlight your femininity through a series of sultry photos. This gift is a great way to rekindle the flame between you and your loved one.

5. A second honeymoon

If you have a comfortable budget or did not spend all the money deposited a year before in your original wedding urn, do not hesitate to offer yourself a long romantic getaway. Like a second honeymoon. To get away from all this, there is nothing better than an island paradise, of course. Corsica, Sicily or Greece are perfect alternatives to the most distant destinations.

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6. A renewal of vows

Probably the most romantic way to show yourself that you still love yourself as much as ever. Imagine the scene: Mr. Hugo Boss, in an elegant wedding suit, joins his beloved who, for the occasion, has put on his most beautiful cocktail dress, both are in the middle of an intimate celebration, between loved ones , to renew your wishes. Do you like ideas? Adopt it!

7. A jewel that makes sense

Because a jewel is often full of meaning, why not reaffirm your love by exchanging engraved bracelets or a family ring? A precious gift that will keep your whole life in the same way as your wedding rings.


8. A surprise synonymous with adventure

Parachute jumping, horseback riding, paragliding initiation, spa treatments…. keep the wow effects time and time again by organizing a memorable and crazy getaway for you and your partner.

9. A weekend in honor of their reunion

What could be more iconic than the two of you returning to the same city where you first met? Like a pilgrimage, you can plan a dinner at your first date restaurant, stroll through the town square, or kiss where, at that moment, you had exchanged your first kiss.

Whatever your gift idea, remember to personalize your little and big attentions to the maximum. If you feel like it, make an appearance in your wedding dress to relive the emotions of D-Day for a few moments. Install in your apartment the elements of your wedding decoration that you still have, and so many nods to the magical day that you fully enjoyed a year ago.

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