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▷ 🥇 Country wedding menus: 45 models that illustrate the trend

You have made a simple and fashionable choice: on D-Day, you will celebrate a rustic celebration in the middle of nature. For your wedding decoration, the rural theme is essential. The stationery will also fit the style of your event, be it your wedding invitation or your menu. You just have to think of ideas that will fit perfectly into the banquet decoration you plan to organize. We offer you many original menu options so that you can create or order the one that inspires you the most and adapts perfectly to your set design!

Materials that remind your theme

The secret to a successful presentation of a chic and thematic menu in all subtlety is to choose natural and sober materials that you will delicately decorate. Linen, thick cotton, kraft paper, gingham, jute or rattan cloth, feel free to mix materials and supports for a more elaborate table menu.

If you simply want your menu to be presented on thick paper or cardboard, you can opt for minimalist ornaments that are very popular. But nothing prevents you from preferring motifs reminiscent of nature. For example, choose a background with a tree trunk, a forest motif, or have the flowers laser cut on each side of the cardboard. You can also choose a menu in the form of a daisy, butterfly or leaf if you prefer creative supports that symbolize your theme.

Choice decorative elements

A simple and natural paper mill is the right choice. Then place it on a square of moss or any type of foliage such as ivy, laurel, olive or thyme. You can also add an ear of wheat, a sprig of straw, lavender, a cork or flowers (gypsum would be ideal) to your menus using pretty rope, raffia, or string.

Pin some well-chosen items like a small wooden heart with small clothespins for a more refined effect. Also consider associating your menu with some of the accessories used for your country wedding décor as a reminder.

Deflected objects

It is also possible to dispense with paper and opt for objects that recall the theme of your wedding, diverted from their original function. Nothing very complicated to achieve! Then all you have to do is write or record your menu on it.

Here are some examples:

  • A wooden board
  • A real apple
  • Pucks
  • Wooden logs
  • A blackboard box
  • A box

Bright, colorful hues are recommended for country weddings, geared towards a guinguette atmosphere. Green in all these shades and variations of beige, brown, taupe or ecru will help you compose country and trendy menus.

What about the typography in all of this?

The font is one of the most important creative elements! Well chosen and perfectly highlighted, it will immediately set the tone for your event! For a rustic menu, choose a bucolic, original typeface in an unusual calligraphic style instead. Make sure it is perfectly legible and feel free to play with the design, bold, italic and especially with the sizes!

If you want your overall decor to be harmonious, define materials and colors for your entire event. Choosing a country setting for a 100% successful original wedding is just the beginning. Please continue your efforts to ensure that your theme is reflected throughout the celebration. Finding the wedding bouquet and stationery for the big day should be one of the simplest missions for a country wedding, all you have to do is seek inspiration and imagination.

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