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Create your own confetti launchers for the ceremony exit
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▷ 🥇 Create your own confetti launchers for the ceremony exit!

Looking for an alternative to the traditional rice toss for your D-Day outing from church or town hall? Do you want this moment to be like an original wedding? As advertised on your wedding invitations, your event promises to be very festive. That is why we propose you to make accessories that will add a touch of madness and good humor at the end of the ceremony, during which you can also do the traditional launch of the bridal bouquet.

Create confetti launchers that you can distribute to your guests so they can play the game perfectly!


  • Cardboard tube (souplin roll)
  • Balloon
  • Pair of scissors
  • Scottish
  • Decorative cardboard paper
  • Glue
  • Cardboard paper of various colors
  • Perforator

Realization step by step

Now that you have gathered all the material, consider these different steps:

  • 1. Cut the cardboard tube into two equal parts.
  • 2. Now take the balloon, cut off the end and tie a tight knot.
  • 3. Insert the cardboard tube into the balloon piece and secure these two elements with a piece of tape so that they fit together perfectly.
  • 4. Now cut the decorative paper to the dimensions of the part of the cardboard tube that is still visible.
  • 5. Apply the glue to all the decorative paper and cover the tube.
  • 6. Make the confetti with the punch using different colored leaves.
  • 7. Put the confetti in the cardboard tube.
  • 8. Pull the knot of the balloon and the effect of the suction cup will launch your confetti into the air. Your big day promises to be explosive!


Little tips

To adapt your Confetti Lance to the theme of your wedding, you will have to make the right decisions. For example, if you have a country wedding decoration, prefer crepe paper to tissue paper to decorate the tube. You can also play with textures: matte, glossy or satin paper, you will know which one best suits your wedding style.

  • Distribute the confetti launchers to your guests

Why not place them in a wicker basket at the entrance of the church or town hall so that everyone can collect their confetti launchers. You can attach this little accessory to guest chairs, an inexpensive wedding decoration that will add color to your ceremony. Alternatively, ask your wedding planner to distribute them to your loved ones before the bride and groom arrive.

You can use the same method to toss in rice, flower petals, or lavender. Be inventive, these beautiful objects can be used for many ideas!

To vary the shapes of your confetti, consider purchasing punches with different patterns. Round, triangular, square, heart or star, the lighter they are, the better they fly. Think about this when choosing the paper to punch.

Now that the ceremony is ready, move on to the next step: writing the wedding speeches. Lack of inspiration? You will not find any tutorial on this point, but we have a whole series of articles to propose so that the love texts that will score your union better reflect your relationship.

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